Client Collaboration

It’s Lonely at the Top

Collaboration is more than just working together. Effective and successful collaboration reduces phone calls, emails, confusion and client dissatisfaction. The Total Attorneys Suite not only enhances collaboration, it ensures happy clients by delivering a level of service not received from all law firms. Sign Up Today.

Real Results in Real Time

Think of it as the Facebook newsfeed for your firm. You can quickly and easily stay on top of everything happening in your firm, in real time. See real time feeds of activities, billing items, documents, messages, new clients, new leads and tasks. Staying on top of everything happening in your firm has never been easier. Sign Up Today.

Sleep While Your Clients Work

24/7 access to your firm will wow your clients. Every one of your clients has a private and secure portal for sharing documents, calendars and billing details, all based on the permissions you set. For additional ease of use, clients have the ability to make their payments online. By giving them access to all the important details of their case, viewable at their convenience, they’ll be a much happier client. Sign Up Today.

One Calendar to Rule Them All

Using the calendar functionality within the Total Attorneys Suite will ensure everyone’s calendar is up-to-date and synchronized on all devices. You can easily send appointment requests to clients, allowing them the ability to accept appointments directly through your client portal. You also have the capacity to set reminders to prevent missing appointments. Sign Up Today.

Lightning Fast Communication

Communicate with your clients instantaneously. Cut down on scattered emails and phone calls. Send messages to your clients and prospects with just a click. Plus, you can eliminate the hesitation of sending sensitive and privileged information to a client’s unsecure email address. Sign Up Today.

Don’t Drop the Ball

Stay on top of what needs to be done and ensure no balls are dropped by assigning tasks to members of your firm, or yourself, while monitoring the progress. Sign Up Today.

Payments in Pajamas

Everybody likes quick, easy and convenient payments. Give your clients the option of receiving and making payments on bills all through your client portal. They can even set up recurring payment plans and deposit payments into your operating or IOLTA account. Sign Up Today.