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Total Attorneys TV is your dedicated channel for updates and sneak previews relating to our upcoming practice management platform release and much, much more. We’ll bring you tips on making the most of an online client portal, information about building and growing your law practice through technology, interviews with successful virtual practitioners and brick and mortar attorneys who have expanded their practices through online case management and other insights to help you stay ahead of the curve in the inevitable evolution of legal practice.

Attorney Reviews of Virtual Law Office Technology

“One of the things that we’ve been developing recently is we’re really, really focusing on an ideal client. And the virtual law office gives us the opportunity to interact with people before we spend the time and sit down and talk with someone so that we can do a little prescreening to find out if people really are the ideal client for us.” Dawn Bowie, Maryland Family Law Attorney

“The biggest advantage is the flexibility it affords, being able to really fit it into my schedule and the things that I want to do, both professional and in my personal and family life.” Rania Combs, Texas Wills and Trusts Attorney

Online Marketing for Your Online Law Practice

“I have tried print ads in community newspaper, church newsletter and PR interviews, written articles for local publications. After one-and-a-half years I have not found any of these methods to be effective. The number of confirmed clients resulting from these avenues was not worth the expense. I would not waste advertising money on print ads or newspaper… The most effective method so far has been referrals from friends, financial advisors and word of mouth from existing clients. I hand out a lot of business cards at networking events. These have been the most effective marketing methods.” Andrew J. Urban, Nevada Contract and Estate Planning Attorney

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