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Are Your Clients Communications Secure

As a legal professional, you’re responsible for the confidentiality of your client communications. But do you know what happens to an unencrypted email when it leaves your computer?

Your computer

  • The journey from your computer to the originating server is probably secure–depending on your set-up.

Originating Mail Server

  • When your encrypted email leaves the originating server, you lost control over security.

Relay Mail Server

  • Your email might not pass through a relay server at all–or it might pass through several.

Relay Mail Server

  • Each relay server might retain a copy of your email. These servers may or may not be secure.

Destination Mail Server

  • Once your email arrives at the destination server, it’s probably secure–depending on the recipients set-up.
  • Email leaving your server always makes at least one unsecured jump.

64% of small firm attorneys send clients unencrypted email

Use of unencrypted email for client communications

  • Regularly 64.1%
  • Occasionally 10.3%
  • Rarely 7.7%
  • Never 17.9%

Mobile Device usage to send and receive business emails

  • At least daily 54.7%
  • Often 11.6%
  • Occasionally 13.7%
  • Rarely 7.7%
  • Never 12.9%
  • The most common means of client document delivery

    • Delivered to the office 38.6%
    • Email attachment 39.1%
    • Send by mail 12.3%
    • Fax 7.7%
    • Other 2%