Hiring for the Success of Your Law Firm

Tim graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, with a degree in Entrepreneurship, a new major for the University at the time. He began his career in sales at IKON Office Solutions, selling high volume printers and copiers in a walking sales territory in the downtown Chicago Loop. While copier sales has long been famed for its stiff competition and high turnover, Tim spent two years in the industry and quickly became a top producer, selling 212% of his quota in his first year, which not only earned him the “Rookie of the Year” sales award but also broke the company record for production as a Territory Sales Rep (a record which still stands!).

He then moved on to a small consulting firm named MPR that specialized in Human Capital Consulting. During his time there, he learned a great deal about best practices in operations and management. In fact, because of Tim’s longstanding friendship with CEO Ed Scanlan, MPR was actually Total Attorneys’ very first client. In time, as Total Attorneys continued to blossom, Ed recruited Tim to be Total Attorneys’ primary salesperson in February of 2005. Tim and President Kevin Chern sold out almost their entire inventory across the country for TotalBankruptcy.com in less than 60 days.
As the marketing sites continued to flourish, Tim expanded the sales team and formalized its processes, instituting the company’s Behavioral Selection process and Performance Management program. He also took on management of the Sponsor Advocate Team, Total Attorneys’ customer support group, and the Infra-IT business unit. Tim was promoted from Director of Sales to Vice-President of Total Attorneys in July of 2008. An internal candidate was later named as Director of Sales.