Going Green for Spring: Efficient Green Lawyering

Listen to this session as Walter D. James III talks about ways to go paperless, how to keep it organized, and how he works to make his law firm more streamlined and environmentally friendly. Presented by Total Attorneys.

Walter D. James III focuses his practice primarily on environmental counseling and environmental litigation, which includes civil and criminal enforcement, cost recovery litigation and toxic tort/property damage matters. James tries to practice what he preaches in his law firm. Although he says it is a work in progress, his law firm has been paperless since he opened in 2004. When he moved from big law to his solo practice, he had 200 boxes of paper, and now he maintains just 4 file cabinets and keeps everything else in a highly-organized, digital format. In addition, he said that he chose his new office based on environmentally friendly factors, and his interest in the environment began when he was a teenager touring the national parks west of the Mississippi river on family vacation.