How to Start a Virtual Law Firm

Getting Started in Virtual Practice

Q. What’s the first thing to do when starting an online law practice?

A. By Rania Combs, Texas Wills and Trusts Attorney

“The first thing I did when I decided to do this is to contact my state bar to make sure there were no ethical concerns with me practicing in this way. And then after I satisfied myself that there were none, then I talked to a lot of lawyers and a lot of professionals—marketing professionals and consultants—to learn what it would take to build and grow a web-based practice. It does take time.”

Q. If you were creating a checklist for attorneys just getting started with virtual law technology, what would be your top three items?

A. By Andrew J. Urban, Nevada Contract and Estate Planning Attorney

  1. Line up a good website designer.
  2. Get help converting your client interview forms to the online form setup so you can maximize the forms feature of VLO software.
  3. Learn or have someone that can update your site and add useful content.

Q. What should attorneys know about marketing a legal practice online?

A. By Stephanie Kimbro, North Carolina Civil Law Attorney

“Research and understand your state bar’s ethics rules regarding the use of technology in practice management, client development and marketing. Know your own comfort level with technology and your willingness to keep up to date on security issues. Be willing to commit time and to be consistent in creating an online brand or image for your virtual law firm. If you aren’t willing to put the effort into it, then this form of practice is not going to be successful for you.”

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