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November 2010

A Message from Total Attorneys’ CEO Edmund Scanlan

Total Attorneys CEO Edmund Scanlan discusses Virtual Law Office Technology with our team. Learn more about who it’s for, how it helps attorneys and clients, security, features and more in this brief video.

October 2010

Upcoming Events

Law Firm Staffing Alternatives: Contract Lawyers
Outsourcing is the wave of the future. But it doesn’t necessarily mean sending work overseas, and it’s not just for big firms. Longtime contract attorney and speaker Lisa Solomon explains how solos and small firms can increase flexibility and profitability by outsourcing substantive legal work to independent, US-based contract lawyers.

September 2010

Upcoming Events

How to Run an Effective Virtual Law Firm
Join our free Power Chat on September 16th and 17th to discuss the effective operation of a virtual law firm with virtual practitioner and law practice management advisor Jay Fleischman. Ask questions, offer your insights and learn from Jay’s experience in this town-hall formatted Power Chat.

Security in the Cloud
Jack Newton, Co-Founder and CEO of Clio joins Total Attorneys CTO Dave Dahl on Total Expert Radio at noon CDT on September 9 to discuss security in the cloud and how attorneys can ensure that their data is protected and they are fulfilling their ethical obligations. Tune in to listen and call with your questions or comments!

August 2010

Join Ed Scanlan as he talks about Total Attorneys’ Power Chats and new product developments within Virtual Receptionist, Virtual Law Office Technology and Case Support. All in this edition of the Insight Newsletter.

July 2010

Upcoming Events

Hiring for Your Law Firm: Minimizing Cost and Maximizing Talent
Join Total Attorneys’ own Tim Ryan on July 22 or 23 for a free Power Chat on avoiding the high cost of bad hires and maximizing your ROI by selecting the right staff and virtual workers for your firm.

Ethics, Virtual Workers and Your Law Firm
Tune in to Total Attorneys Radio at 12:00pm CDT on July 15. Longtime ABA staff counsel Will Hornsby will discuss ethical obligations associated with using virtual workers and field your call-in questions.

May 2010

Success Stories

Memphis bankruptcy attorney Jonathan Garrett liked the quality of the contacts he received from Total Attorneys’ High Performance Marketing, but he knew that just how successful the program was for him depended on his own investment. After designing a system of consistent follow-up within his office, he saw the percentage of contacts turning into paying clients, quadruple, and he’s sharing how he did it in Success Stories.

April 2010

Join Ed Scanlan as he talks about his recent trip to Africa to visit the Total Impact House, the status of the ethics complaint filed a year ago and our virtual law office product offerings in this edition of the Insight Newsletter.

March 2010

Success Stories

When Indiana bankruptcy attorney Damon Newman returned to the practice of law in December after working in the private sector, he was essentially starting from scratch. He had the skills and experience, but no staff and no pipeline for new business. With help from Total Attorneys, Damon is managing a full caseload just a few months later. Read more about how he got started in Success Stories.

February 2010

Success Stories

Maryland family law attorney Dawn Bowie signed on with VLOTech in 2007 in hopes of using the system to create a service for pro se litigants. Since then, she’s discovered that virtual law office technology has much more to offer, and has moved her entire law practice into the VLO. The result: she’s saving a significant amount of time and her clients love the added security of communicating through the VLO. Read Dawn’s story and others in Success Stories.

January 2010

Join Ed Scanlan as he talks about Total Attorneys’ New Practice Management Platform and the status of the Connecticut ethics hearing in this edition of the Insight Newsletter.

Services Platform Update

On Tuesday, January 12 Total Attorneys will officially launch its new Services Platform. We are proud of our updates and believe that you will enjoy the refreshed user experience it offers. We do understand, however, that it always takes time to adjust to a new system, so we have created video tutorials to help make the transition a smooth and hassle-free experience.

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