What Multi-Channel Attorney Marketing Means for the Legal Industry

A lot of lawyers have never been thrilled with the sales and business management side of running a law firm. They went to law school and sat for the bar to, well, practice law. But this doesn’t mean they’re enamored with the rules and politicking inherent with larger law practices.

New information technology, media opportunities, and marketing strategies are allowing even independent lawyers and small firms the ability to focus on the practice of law while also implementing a successful business model. And multi-channel attorney marketing is at the heart of this enterprise.

An effective multi-channel strategy allows you to develop core branding and marketing materials that can be used across multiple markets and media formats. You’ll want to pursue attorney marketing opportunities through websites, lead generation solutions, law practice directories, social media, and email programs. From engaging forum discussions to writing blog posts or creating your own running blog, the online market, in particular, allows you to connect more directly with prospective clients.

It will still take some time on your part, to be sure. But the key difference from the traditional model is that your time is spent communicating your insights about the law itself, rather than jumping through hoops just to get your firm noticed.

Online Lead Generation

A large and increasing number of legal clients are searching for lawyers through an online lead service. This allows prospective clients to quickly identify local firms that offer the desired legal services.

These leads are one of the best ways to jump-start your practice without getting bogged down in time-consuming business strategies. But paying for these leads won’t pan out if you can’t convert them at a regular rate.

Here’s the critical take away: It’s multi-channel attorney marketing that allows your legal practice to be on a level playing field with larger, more established firms.

When a lead is sent to three different legal services, including your own, you’ll already have an online presence, marketing materials, and a core “sales” message that can be readily customized based on the service request information submitted by the prospective client.

Identifying Benefits of Multi-Channel Attorney Marketing

It’s impossible to know or predict all the various ways in which multi-channeling marketing may pay off. But when developing and delivering content to these various channels, it’s helpful to recognize that this method doesn’t just work in the abstract. There are countless scenarios in which this strategy will directly generate new clients for your firm. Consider this example:

John has a job with regular income but no health benefits. Upon incurring significant medical bills, he begins to explore the idea of filing for bankruptcy. He reads your blog post pointing out tips and strategies for settling medical debt. Six months later, John loses his job and submits an online request to find a local bankruptcy lawyer. The online lead generation service connects him with three law firms, including yours. Upon seeing the name of your firm, John thinks you’re the same lawyer who wrote the blog post he read, but he’s not sure. So he looks up your website and finds a section on the site highlighting this activity with a link to the blog post itself. John decides to hire you as his bankruptcy lawyer.

Naturally, this is an ideal case, but it doesn’t take nearly this level of complication to identify the benefits of multi-channel attorney marketing. The point is that prospective clients who are exposed to your legal practice multiple times are much more likely to choose your firm when they eventually need legal services.