Use Total Attorneys to Supplement Marketing for Lawyers


At Total Attorneys, the lynchpin of our marketing for lawyers is our legal lead generation and conversion software. By indicating your area of practice and the zip codes you want to target, we can deliver high-quality leads in real-time. What is a high-quality lead? Aside from making the practice visible in the marketplace, many attorneys in private practice recognize that the biggest marketing obstacle is separating the noise from those prospects who have a real chance of becoming fee-paying clients. That’s why the first information we look for is the client’s location and what type of legal services are being sought.

Along with taking steps to verify that the user is a legitimate, prospective client for your law practice, we require users to provide in-depth information about their legal service needs. In this way, you can prepare a preliminary case assessment as soon as you receive the lead. Even when contacting the lead right away, this information may empower you to make a more personalized and effective sales pitch.

Lead Generation and Conversion

At Total Attorneys, we aggressively promote our legal service request form, but we don’t do so blindly, either. When you join our network, we’ll place ads on relevant sites across the web to keep prospects flowing to your office. That said, volume only works in marketing for lawyers if your office has the resources to effectively pursue each lead that hits your account. To this end, we’ve developed a comprehensive Conversion Engine that allows you to convert more leads with less business infrastructure.

Within this Conversion Engine, we boast our Lead Notifier app that lets you pick how you are notified when a lead is generated. And while we stress the importance of contacting prospects as soon as possible, we also help our attorneys get every ounce of value from our leads by following up with email drip marketing for prospects who do not make a decision right away. All in all, many attorneys leverage our system to find, convert, and serve more clients while reducing their administrative costs or even while running their practice through a virtual law office.

Self-Marketing for Lawyers

As versatile as our products and services are, we naturally can’t do everything to market your law practice. We can’t write the mission statement for your practice. We can’t determine your legal service philosophy, nor can we set the pricing model for your attorney fees. There is no substitute for individuals who take the time to build trust in their communities and establish a positive, widespread reputation as an honest attorney. With our resources, however, it’s easier than ever to convert this core, self-generated content into an effective marketing strategy. From tutorials on website marketing to professional networking, we provide solid business strategies to go along with our lead generation and practice management software services.

With this new generation of law firm technology, the business infrastructure of big-name law firms has diminished in value. As such, these law firms are down-sizing, while smaller firms and even solo practices are on the rise. One of the effects of this market transition has been lawyers who act more as independent agents. To this point, online marketing is critical. With a robust list of positive client reviews and an overall strong client satisfaction rating, your online profile is a considerable asset both in converting prospective clients and appearing attractive to collaborative law practices in your area. Your history practicing the law follows you as never before.

The Value of Our Marketing Resources

With this in mind, you can see how we built a marketing solution for lawyers that creates a more efficient way to run a law practice and a more effective way to find and convert prospective clients. Thus, with a superior method to market and deliver your legal services, you can focus on representing your clients’ legal interests to the best of your ability. In turn, this professional excellence is the backbone of long-term marketing, not to mention building a successful law practice.

We also like to point out that our solutions are built by lawyers for lawyers. And while many of the lawyers we’ve hired over the years are tech-savvy, they understand that they are often the exception to the rule in the legal services industry. Thus, we’ve set them on the goal of helping lawyers do what they love most—practice the law. Anyone with even the most basic computer skills can benefit from our practice management platform. Anyone who has basic familiarity with a smart phone or tablet device can use our mobile solutions to run—and even market—their law practice from any place with web connectivity. Don’t hesitate to sign up today or to contact us for more information about how our marketing for lawyers works.