Top Myths about the Best Online Lawyer Leads

The following top myths about online lawyer leads are not defined by the size of the myth or the nature of the misconception. Rather these myths are most responsible for poor choices that law firms make when choosing their web-based lead generator.

Whether your law firm is just starting out or you’re reevaluating your current vendor, consider these industry myths and the market realities behind them before committing next month’s marketing budget.

  • You will never receive a bogus lead. It’s true that online firms are deploying more sophisticated software programs than ever before to target, qualify, and fight fraudulent service requests. Yet, even the very best systems can be fooled from time to time. As you can well imagine, it’s not unheard of for a rival generation company or the biggest law firms (who choose to forgo third-party marketing services) to attempt to sabotage their competitors. Often, this happens precisely when a company is making substantial gain in capturing the online legal services market. In this way, it’s just as important to consider a company’s response when this type of fraudulent infiltration occurs.
  • You can tell high-quality prospects right from the start. Just because a prospective client isn’t seeking legal services in the immediate future doesn’t mean the lead isn’t worth contacting, pursuing and paying for. Whether its bankruptcy, divorce, or medical malpractice, many individuals seek out advice long before legal services are actually retained. Naturally, law firms frequently make individual choices about the level and nature of their free consultation services. The best choice is often different depending on the practice area, and there may also be subtle differences when talking to prospects found online. It’s true that consumer sites capture many of the clients who are looking for immediate representation, but the idea that valuable, web-based lawyer leads are always looking for services right then and there is a huge myth of web-based marketing.
  • Quality lead targeting is all you need. This myth is quickly dying as word-of-mouth spreads about the value of practice management software platforms. Nevertheless, it’s worth putting on the list because of its importance. If you don’t have a powerful, versatile, and user-friendly data management solution to help you contact and pursue your prospective clients, the efficiency, service, and profitability of your law firm will inevitably suffer. Never choose an online marketing and generation company without assessing the available resources to convert the prospects into actual clients and to invoice and receive payment from these new clients.
  • You can decipher the value of lawyer leads from their price tag. The cost of each prospective client to hit your account must always be considered within the context of average conversion rate and expected legal fees. Naturally, this goes double for different areas of legal practice—bankruptcy, DUI, personal injury, etc. When considering the price tag, resist the urge to automatically pick the one that seems to match your available budget. Choose a company that has the most appealing resources and the company that demonstrates a commitment to their attorneys’ long-term success.

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