The Most Productive Bankruptcy Leads for Attorneys

The legal services industry is behind the curve when it comes to leveraging the online marketplace. For nearly a decade, many firms in the insurance, home improvement, and healthcare industries have used web-based consumer queries to lower their marketing and advertising costs, while simultaneously growing their customer base.

Fortunately, a spate of recent court decisions has largely lifted the specter of potential issues resulting from non-lawyer fee-sharing and web-based lead generation, making now the ideal time to consider this business resource.

Online Bankruptcy Leads for Attorneys

It’s important to understand how completely e-commerce has woven itself into the fabric of American life. One of the objections we hear about online bankruptcy leads for attorneys is that the most common demographic is the over 55 crowd. This doesn’t disqualify these prospective clients, however.

While middle-aged and younger seniors are more likely than ever to shop online, elderly citizens frequently turn to their adult children and other family members during trying financial times. It’s not uncommon to have a younger individual fill out an online service request for someone else.

Likewise, younger demographics are far from immune from overwhelming debt—from student loans, credit cards, a bad mortgage, and unemployment. And while these younger clients may have cancelled their cable, car insurance, and put off medical care, their smart phones are often the last monthly expense to survive and allow them to search for local bankruptcy lawyers in just moments.

Law Office Marketing Firms vs. Dedicated Bankruptcy Leads for Attorneys

Often, a new or expanding legal practice must choose between putting its marketing budget toward one of these two business solutions. Admittedly, there is considerable crossover: Marketing firms will frequently tell their clients about “leads” they offer in addition to their general marketing services, while online generation companies will offer value-added marketing resources and tutorials.

That said, it’s important to recognize the false equivalency in these solutions. What the marketer is likely offering is only a contact list from a database of generic queries and public record listings—often culled from individuals who have already filed for bankruptcy or a foreclosure.

Instead, a dedicated provider of bankruptcy leads for attorneys is delivering detailed client profiles from individuals actively seeking legal representation through an online referral site. And it’s much more plausible to learn the tools and tricks of general law office marketing, especially when you have a company to point you in the right direction.

Moreover, don’t be fooled into thinking that dedicated leads are a one-trick pony for individual bankruptcy cases. These prospective clients can represent a valuable referral and networking resource.

Best Practices of Internet Companies

Once you’ve decided to seek out an online generator of bankruptcy leads for attorneys, you’ll need to know how to look for the best in the business. Here’s what to look for:

  • A company that takes a smart, aggressive approach to marketing their own consumer query sites: Not all clients search for “find a bankruptcy lawyer.” Rather, some find sites by first researching whether it’s time for them to declare and file. You want to choose a company that looks to capture as much legitimate traffic as it can.

  • Sophisticated and detailed query forms. From the prospect’s location to the reason he or she is looking for a bankruptcy lawyer, more information will increase the ability of the company to match the prospect with the best possible firm(s) in their network. These query forms also help eliminate web traffic that isn’t serious about seeking legal services.

  • A company that is committed to your long-term success and seeks a long-standing relationship with your legal practice. This includes providing resources to help you optimize the leads you receive and responsive services to any questions you may have about your account.