The Best Ways to Grow Your Law Firm

Whether you’re a young attorney just starting a solo practice or an entrepreneur looking to take your practice to the next level, it goes without saying that you need more clients to grow your law firm. Typically, the best place to start is evaluating your current and prospective marketing strategies to determine what business opportunities you may be leaving on the table.

Online Lead Generation and Other Marketing Tools

Here at Total Attorneys, we offer one of the newest, most productive forms of law firm marketing—online lead generation. Through our consumer sites, users submit a request form for legal services—including basic information about their legal needs—that then gets forwarded to the most appropriate attorneys in our network. In this way, we’re striving to build a more efficient legal services market that benefits all parties. We’re in it for the long haul, and we consistently prioritize our lawyer’ long-term success over short-term profit. As such, we actively encourage our lawyer clients to pursue all marketing channels that may be productive for their firm:

  • Search Engine (SEO) and Website Marketing: Publish legal resource articles for target audiences to increase your website’s online visibility.
  • B2B Networking: From other lawyers to professionals in related industries, most lawyers already implement this strategy, but it doesn’t hurt to consider new networking outlets.
  • Internet Advertising: This might include banner, pay-per-click, and search engine Adwords.
  • Legal Referral Services: Known for being hit-and-miss, just be sure not to run afoul of any ethical guidelines.
  • Social Media and Online Networking: Write articles for third-party websites and establish a presence in the most relevant web forums.

Grow Your Law Firm without Hurting It

A concerted effort to grow your law firm is likely to create some long nights and even some bumps along the road. Without careful planning, however, it may be impossible to grow your practice without sacrificing the quality of legal services you deliver. Needless to say, a few extra clients are not worth a legal malpractice claim. But even if you’re able to avoid this outcome, a failure to effectively manage growth will likely damage your firm’s image.

As many attorneys are already keenly aware, smart growth is often just as much about time management as it is managing your marketing and operating budget. New clients take time to pursue, and if you’ve been cherry-picking the most efficient and effective marketing channels, these new clients may take even more work than you’re used to.

One of the toughest decisions is if and when to hire more staff to help manage the office duties. To this point, it’s wise to consider how your new marketing campaign may affect your client load and how quickly you’re trying to grow your law firm. Online leads, referral services, and Internet ads may start generating new clients immediately, while website marketing and networking is more of a long-term strategy.

Practice Management Platform

Aside from offering some of the best online leads for the legal services industry, we’ve also developed a practice management platform that will make running your firm much, much easier. With a dashboard display, lead and contact lists, calendar schedule, document filing, and online billing and payment processing, you can manage a bigger case load while still focusing on delivering the best possible legal services for your clients.