Two-Pronged Approach to Find the Best Online Attorney Leads

To find the best solution for your law firm, you need to evaluate two separate services offered by each web-based company under consideration: the quality of the attorney leads themselves and the data management platform that allows you to pursue these prospective clients.

An online company may have sophisticated consumer sites and lead generation software systems, but if the information isn’t delivered and tracked in a way that makes the most efficient use of a firm’s resources, your business model will suffer.

Either some of these prospects will be lost through the cracks, or you’ll spend so much of your time (or staffing costs) on office administration that the quality and value of your legal services will decline. The best platforms will also include an invoicing and bill payment service.

On the other hand, the best portfolio management solution won’t matter much if you’re receiving service requests from Donald Duck or queries for bankruptcy services (and you run a personal injury practice).

Whether you’re starting out or have been running for your own firm for a while, you probably recognize that no service will hit the mark every time. Indeed, it takes only a modest conversion rate to make this marketing resource a huge asset to your firm.

But with this in mind, consider not only a company’s software solution, prospect targeting strategy, and online marketing sites—but also its transparency concerning bogus, worthless, or low-value prospects that may hit your account.

Assessing the Resources at Different Companies

Attorney leads are typically targeted through a range of different data points and qualifying client information. In terms of assessing a specific company’s lead generation solution, don’t just read generic descriptions of the system’s fraud-fighting mechanisms or detailed consumer request forms.

Take the time to look at the consumer sites themselves: Is this portal something you could see yourself filling out, assuming you had the need? This doesn’t mean you need to spend a bunch of time hunting down the web addresses. But once you contact a sales rep this should be among your first questions—including whether sites exist to target each individual area of your legal practice.

Any company worth its salt will readily send you links to their consumer sites and more detailed information about their online generation strategies.

For the data management solution, you should really take the time to access the platform and view its dashboard display, information technology, and multimedia capabilities. Most companies will offer a free trial period so you can complete this test-run, while the ongoing cost of these systems is usually negligible as well.

Our Attorney Leads

Total Attorneys always follows the industry’s best practices in generating prospective clients for your law office. Our consumer sites, meanwhile, are backed up by our incredibly powerful and easy to use Practice Management Platform. This is easy to claim, of course. We don’t expect you to take our word for it—especially if you weren’t referred from one of our current clients. That’s why we offer our prospective clients zero- and low-risk ways to test our solutions:

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  • Naturally, the best way to try us out is to use both these solutions together.