Social Security Disability Clients for Your Law Firm

As with many areas of the law, client selection is critical to the overall success of your firm. Effective marketing is critical in creating a robust and organized lead funnel that will allow you to make smarter choices, rather than pursue every case in an uphill struggle to keep your practice profitable.

Fortunately, there is a more efficient way to source these leads. A large and growing number of social security disability clients are seeking legal services online. By capturing this web traffic and delivering a dependable matching service with qualified, local attorneys, we are able to collect more information about prospective clients and, in the process, create a more efficient legal services market that benefits all parties.

Assessing the Case and the Individual

The vast majority of social security disability clients will fit into one of three categories:

  • Individuals who have no legitimate disability or whose disability does not qualify them for social security benefits.
  • Individuals whose disability is questionable under the law but who still have some merit in seeking benefits.
  • Individuals who have a debilitating disability and are clearly entitled to benefits.

Likewise, the quality of the claimant’s application or the status of their claim will also determine the extent of legal services required. Many social security disability clients need only basic assistance in filing their application and possibly beefing up the medical evidence of their disability status.

Others need a months-long or even years-long application and appeals process, while still others will need active representation presenting their case in front of a judge.

Finding Social Security Disability Clients

At Total Attorneys, our consumer sites gather legal services requests for social security benefits. Through our online forms, we can provide the following information as part of our lead generation service:

  • Whether the individual is able to work.
  • If an application has been filed and if so the current status of the claim.
  • Whether the individual has seen a doctor.
  • Whether another attorney or advocate is already on the case.
  • The client’s age and contact information.

Even without knowing for certain which category a prospective client will fall into, this preliminary information can make for a speedier interview process.

Other Resources and Leads from Total Attorneys

Our practice management platform includes a user-friendly dashboard display, leads and contact lists, calendar, documents, and online billing and payment processing. This versatile business resource will create more time and space for you to select and pursue the cases that make the most sense for your firm and clients.

From beginning to close, it streamlines the data management and administrative tasks, while reducing errors and operational costs.

For lawyers who practice multiple areas of the law, it’s also worth pointing out that we source related legal services leads, most notable personal injury leads. If you already have a crossover legal practice or you’re exploring the idea of expanding your practice, know that the benefits of online lead generation extend into other areas of the law, as well.