Social Media for Law Firms: Why It’s No Longer Optional


Many types of social media accounts have become essential for today’s companies. With online consumer communities spreading product information and generating instant service professional ratings, e-commerce has become a full-fledged, if virtual, marketplace. To tap in to this consumer community, Facebook and Google+ accounts are a must for the modern law practice. For business-to-business networking, Linkedin has also become an indispensable social media for law firms that rely on these types of referrals. But beyond the truism that social media is no longer optional, it’s important to understand how this strategy is being implemented across the legal service industry and what specific advantages are gained:

Social Media for Law Firms of any Size

Solo Attorneys: Free marketing resources must be leveraged by young attorneys looking to start a private practice on a shoe-string budget. By putting in the hours to maintain a legal blog and to promote your legal services through engaging content, you can combat the marketing budgets of more established firms. Sprinkle in high-quality legal leads as your budget allows, and you can grow your client list and generate revenue that will stabilize your new practice.

Small Collaborative Practices: One of the ways in which these attorneys can pool their financial resources and share business infrastructure is to hire a web-based marketing firm to get their social networking efforts off the ground. By making a smart, initial investment, you’ll start with a solid foundation for your online profile(s), while a long-term strategy can often be maintained with much lower costs.

Large Firms: Many of the big law firms recognize the importance of establishing a foothold in this fast-growing segment of the legal service market. Those with the right brand and name-recognition can leverage an implicit trust level into productive online marketing strategies. Some even hire a dedicated social media marketing director.

Marketing Advantages: Find and Filter at the Same Time

There is a certain comfort that comes with seeing your inbox fill with dozens of phone numbers and email addresses. You can avoid that helpless feeling of not knowing how to get started, and it’s much easier to imagine growing your firm with a list in front of your eyes. Unfortunately, after spending hours playing phone tag and talking to people who are not seriously interested in your legal services, you may be left with relatively few actual fee-paying clients, a depleted marketing budget, and more time pressure to work on the cases you do have. There is often a long road between generating leads and finding legitimate prospects who are likely to convert into clients.

Granted, one solution is to use an advanced online lead generation service (like Total Attorneys). With our proprietary software, information technology, and online marketing strategies, we can consistently deliver high-quality leads with attractive conversion rates. But even we admit that our superior leads don’t provide the same return as those clients who contact you directly through your Facebook page, Google+ business profile, or your blog discussion forum.

Managing Social Media Accounts

When it produces, this type of marketing can’t be beat, but keep in mind that it rarely generates enough clients on its own to support even the smallest firms. Moreover, social media for law firms is going to have its own noise and time demands. Even cost-free marketing isn’t entirely free: You may need to block attention-seeking Internet trolls to keep a blog discussion on topic. You may need to clarify misinformation provided by users from other states and jurisdictions. You may need to measure how much information you provide to guard against people looking for extensive, free legal advice to avoid paying a lawyer altogether. But at the end of the day, leading an online discussion forum or publishing a new blog post is a lot less frustrating that sifting through a long list of unmotivated prospects.

Social Media for Law Firms and Co-Marketing Solutions

In this way, you can see how the co-marketing solutions from Total Attorneys work. Our practice management platform, software apps, and cloud-based services streamline all your core law office management needs. This gives you the time necessary to implement your social media strategy and capture more prospective clients cost-free. And if you’re new to the scene, you can find additional advice about social media for law firms in our Marketing Resources section. Meanwhile, to keep growing your client list, take advantage of the same legal leads that have consistently generated high returns for the attorneys in our network.