Running a Law Firm with Technology

Considering the nature of legal services, it’s no surprise that running a law firm with technology often entails better software and other virtual resources that increase the communication and information technology needed to administer client cases.

To this end, our practice management platform is one of the most powerful and versatile pieces of virtual technology available to law firms today. For only one dollar a month, you can take advantage of the following benefits and build a better law practice

Benefits of Running a Law Firm with Technology

  • More Time, Fewer Errors: Our dashboard software keeps you on top of your daily tasks—from pursuing leads to sending out client reminders to meeting important legal deadlines. This, in turn, creates better time management and a more tightly run ship. This is really the bread and butter of running a law firm with technology, and aside from the operational benefits, we like to point out that it helps attorneys spend more time doing what they love most—actually practicing the law and thinking about clients’ cases.

  • Getting Paid: Our practice management software also keeps virtual billing records as well as online invoicing and payment processing. This allows you to request payments on a more regular basis without creating the perception that you’re hounding clients for payment. Moreover, by offering a more convenient way for clients to make a payment, you naturally increase the likelihood that payments will be made in a timely manner.

  • The Bottom Line: Aside from making things easier on your day-to-day operations, running a law firm with this technology is a boost to the bottom line of your business. Aside from more reliable receipt of client payments, the front-of-house can be run with fewer personnel or with reduced hours for individual employees. Even office supplies will last longer as you move away from paper-based communication and recordkeeping. You can also more consistently pursue leads the moment they are created and quite possibly grow your client base in the process.

Although we fancy our practice management platform the ideal foundation for running a law firm with better technology, we readily admit that there are plenty of other virtual resources that may be valuable to law offices. We’re committed to the long-term success of the law firms in our network. Thus, just as we provide complimentary marketing tools to go along with our online lead generation service, we want you to know about every possible resource that can help you build a better legal practice:

Video Conferencing and Digital Displays

Video conferencing is a huge asset that can increase client services and improve your sales prop. This is becoming something of a must-have for virtual law practices that eschew the traditional brick-and-mortar business model, but even well established firms are recognizing the benefit. While few, if any, of your cases can be completed solely through this type of communication, it helps everyone stay on the same page.

Many attorneys choose to deploy this type of video communication through their office computer. Another option, however, is to install a separate digital screen in your conference area. By adding this piece of hardware, you can facilitate a meeting between several in-person attendees as well as a number of virtual ones. This type of digital display can also support better visual presentations of your client’s case and the legal strategy you’re proposing.

Between creating a wow factor that can generate word-of-mouth for your firm and simply helping your clients better understand the nuances of their case, this is a valuable tool that’s being deployed at a growing number of firms.