How to Select the Media for Your Attorney Advertising

Attorney advertising is not something that every firm does. Some lawyers run a profitable practice through nothing more than referrals, networking and seminars. Online lead generation services are themselves a huge asset to find and capture new clients.

Nevertheless, many legal practices operate in competitive markets or are trying to get their firm off the ground and identify a real need to implement an advertising campaign. As part of the marketing resources we provide our lawyers, here is on overview of how to select the right media venue for your attorney advertising.

Radio and TV Commercials

Like other industries, attorney advertising is rapidly moving away from TV commercials. Between production, broadcast approval, distribution, and purchasing time slots, the cost of TV advertising remains high, while its effectiveness is plummeting due to the changing viewing habits of TV audiences. (Similar factors are also causing a decline in the use and efficacy of radio ads.)

Moreover, while people have been jaded about TV ads for years, they still proved effective because they were one of the few convenient solutions to identifying local legal services.

Today, clients know they can go online and complete a more careful survey of available options with a comparable level of convenience. There are still law firms who use TV commercials and find them worthwhile, but the success stories are increasingly few.

Online Video

Some law firms take it upon themselves to produce these online videos. If you’ve got a creative bent and a camera-savvy partner or employee, there’s no reason you can’t take this route. That said, there is an also an emerging market of independent and cost-effective ad firms that are willing to produce online video for a fraction of the cost of TV commercials (which typically require a higher production value).

Some companies even choose to use free media outlets to assess the effectiveness of different online videos. You might create three video ads for your law firm and post all three to YouTube, for example. Then, by gauging the view count and commentary, you can choose the best video and make a targeted buy on websites that use online advertising.

Print and Display Ads

This attorney advertising is still surprisingly effective but only if you can find the right outlet. Should they be flyers and brochures, or should they be billboards and public transit signs? Billboards might make sense for a DUI lawyer, while a law practice that covers bankruptcy, debt settlement, and loan modifications might distribute flyers in neighborhoods with depressed property values and high foreclosure rates.

Often, the trick here is identifying a fruitful opportunity without running afoul of legal and ethical rules in your state. Asking a hospital to distribute flyers for personal injury firm may be impractical or even against rules in your state if you’re paying the hospital a fee to do so.

Buying ad time on a billboard near a hospital or in a section of the city with several medical centers, on the other hand, might be an effective and still responsible strategy.

Narrowcast Attorney Advertising

One of the biggest fundamental advantages of the online marketplace is the ability to narrow cast your ad content. Aside from banner and pay-per-click ads on relevant informative and legal blog sites, this includes Facebook and other social media sites that allow you to distribute digital ads to specific demographic groups that are likely to need your legal services.

Online lead generators, like Total Attorneys, go a step further by implementing their own marketing sites that capture local service requests for you. You can still distribute ads through the prospective client’s profile data or contact them directly through the service.