How to Find and Use Legal Leads to Create a Better Law Firm

The inception of better data management systems and online generation of legal leads is changing the paradigm of how best to start your own law practice. Not that long ago, the model was to work for several years at an established firm and then assess your options to become a partner or to strike out on your own.

Today, online marketing and lead generation enables attorneys to create their own firm with only a minimal amount of professional experience. Naturally some independent and small-firm attorneys do still attempt to establish a practice on their own, but nearly all run a higher risk of failure, take longer to find success, and are likely putting a ceiling on the potential of their business venture.

To understand how you can find and use these legal leads to create a better law practice, consider the following steps which have led to success for a growing number of attorneys.

  • Evaluate Different Online Generators and Lead Management Systems: Do your research and read about the various products and services available through online providers and marketing networks (like Total Attorneys). Pay close attention to the versatility and usability of their data management solutions. Generally speaking, it’s possible to try out a few services at once. Most include a free, introductory period for both their lead generator and virtual office management platforms. You may even find it valuable to source prospective clients through multiple vendors.

  • Reach a Comfort Level, Optimize the Value of Your Online Prospects: If you have a strong sales approach and a competitive fee and service structure, you should see a return on your investment almost immediately. Yet, you’ll likely be able to leverage greater value from your service in the months ahead, as you learn how to pursue prospective clients more efficiently and more thoroughly. You want to reach a comfort level with using your online provider service, but the most successful firms will also continually look for ways to perfect their approach.

  • Coordinate Your Legal Leads Solution with other Marketing Strategies: One of the ways to perfect this approach is to coordinate your web-based lead solution with other conventional marketing tactics. For example, a website alone is no longer sufficient to get a firm noticed, but it’s still an important and worthwhile component of your overall approach. The same can be said for community outreach and business client networking. Plus, you can use these marketing assets to prove the legitimacy of your legal practice to prospective clients found through a lead generation service. Many of the best online providers of legal leads recognize the value of coordinating these marketing strategies and offer suggestions about the best way to integrate your efforts.

  • Review Your Business Model: As your firm becomes more established, it’s often wise to revisit the future plan for your business. Maybe it’s time to bring in an additional lawyer and expand your practice areas. You might be making a considerable and consistent profit through an online service—despite being told their most profitable legal leads are in an area your firm doesn’t currently practice. Alternately, you may find that your vendor has more prospective clients than your practice can accommodate with its existing attorneys.

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