Grow Your Firm with Online Divorce Leads

Today, there are very few products and services that consumers can’t find on the web, and this trend has now penetrated the market for divorce attorneys.

Moreover, unlike bankruptcy and foreclosure, marital strife has comparatively little effect on a household’s ability to maintain Internet service. This has enormous consequences for law firms and their marketing strategies.

After all, every client that uses the web to find a local attorney is one less client that is captured by traditional marketing strategies. Here’s what you need to know before your firm is at a competitive disadvantage.

Targeting and Matching Prospective Clients

One of the biggest and most underrated benefits delivered by online divorce leads is the ability to identify and qualify prospects through a series of questions posed when the client is making an online service request. Among other advantages, these forms also help weed out those individuals who aren’t serious about looking for legal representation.

The best lead generation companies will provide an in-depth profile of the prospective client and the parameters of the divorce services that the client is seeking including—

  • Basic Info and Marital Status: This typically consists of the client’s zip code, current living situation, and a rough estimate of the desired timeline, along with whether the case has been filed in court and whether an attorney is already on the case. This data helps reduce the likelihood that unqualified or mismatched divorce leads will hit your account.
  • Financial Circumstances: It’s never too early to think about how the client will be able to pay your legal fees. Often, these questions will also include information about the individual and spousal income which can be used to assess the prospect’s financial circumstance for both your legal fees and the divorce proceedings themselves.
  • Children and Assets: This will give you a glimpse into issues that may be more contentious and require more extensive legal services and representation. This list should include property, investments, retirement assets, as well as the number of children.

Qualifying and Pursuing Divorce Leads

Naturally, even the most detailed queries won’t provide everything you need to know about the client and his or her marriage. But it will give you superior resources in identifying those prospects that best meet any specialization and experience you have to offer.

It also gives you a leg up during the initial contact and interview phase. You can more quickly dive into the details of the case, build rapport with the client, and showcase the services you bring to the table. By the end of the initial consultation, you may even begin to touch on a desired outcome. This, in turn, means more efficient and productive use of your time.

Online Companies’ Best Practices and Resources

Again, it’s only reputable companies that make the necessary effort and investment to market their consumer query sites and require users to fill out a detailed questionnaire. There are plenty of so-called fly-by-night operations looking to score quick profits with unqualified divorce leads at the expense of your long-term success.

In choosing a lead generation company, you should also consider whether there is a software platform to organize lead and client lists, track the progress of individual cases, and display daily task reminders.