Going Solo: Starting a Law Firm Right Out of Law School

As overwhelming and tedious as the new business start-up rigmarole can feel, it’s actually a lack of effective marketing that fells many new law practices. Simply put, it’s hard to get your name out there and build a reputation against more established firms with aggressive marketing, a wide-ranging referral network, and a long history of professional successes. There is still no fast and easy way to overcome this obstacle, but with new marketing resources from Total Attorneys, there are new, effective ways to build a successful law practice from scratch.

Specifically, with our online lead generator, which consistently delivers qualified prospects with detailed profiles and preliminary case information, you can tailor your service pitch and more efficiently pursue prospective clients. By taking advantage of marketing tools and tutorials, you’ll understand many of the nuances of creating a referral network, creating a website, making the close, and using new technologies, just to name a few. If you’re looking for a place to start evaluating these resources, check out this power chat for starting a law firm straight out of school. (Link)

Practice Management Platform

Going solo doesn’t mean you’re completely on your own, or at least it doesn’t have to. Many attorneys share business resources including leased office space and administrative personnel that lower overhead. Likewise, many commercial property owners and real estate developers are picking up on this trend and offering office park space uniquely suited for this type of small business model. You may still have access to a shared conference room to woo prospective clients and at a fraction of the cost of the conventional brick-and-mortar law office.

And with our practice management platform—a data management solution specifically designed for lawyers and including everything from a dashboard display to online payment processing—your shared office personnel can stay on top of things with greater ease than ever before. Instead of a three-attorney collaborative practice, you can join a four-, five-, or six-attorney collective and reduce your overhead even further.

Starting a Law Firm as a Virtual Practice

Alternately, some new law school grads can’t even generate the start-up capital necessary for shared office space and personnel. But, again, with our practice management platform, there is another path to starting a law firm. Instead of a law office, you can establish a virtual practice right out of your home and forgo both leased office space and employee costs, nearly eliminating overhead costs altogether. And with more generous guidelines regarding the delivery of unbundled legal services, there is a more robust market for this type of law practice than ever before. While many new attorneys treat this business model as little more than a stepping stone, some enjoy the relative freedom and flexibility it provides so much they continue this type of practice for many years.

Doing What You Love

Starting a law firm is hard enough as it is, and many new law grads are taking this route as much from a lack of career options as any entrepreneurial spirit. Yet, there is rarely a lack of passion from young attorneys. It’s just that, after years of laborious study, many law grads want to become lawyers, not businessmen. That’s why we’ve made it our mission at Total Attorneys to help attorneys do what they love most—actually practice the law.