Get Better Criminal Defense Leads for Your Firm

Those individuals who have been charged with a crime are among the most motivated prospective clients. Even if their court date isn’t imminent, they typically want a lawyer on the case as soon as possible. At the same time, they want the best legal representation possible within their financial means.

Today, there is one place consumers are more likely turn to than any other to consider the credentials of service professionals in a timely manner—the Internet. With a sampling of user ratings and reviews, advice from legal blogs, and online directories, it’s never been easier or faster to search for local attorneys.

Moreover, a large and growing percentage of this web traffic is turning to our online lead generation and matching services.

We provide prospective clients with the convenience and peace of mind that they’re being connected with only reputable and credentialed attorneys, while providing the lawyers in our network with qualified criminal defense leads who are actively seeking legal representation in their area.

A Better Way to Spend Your Money and Your Time

Online criminal defense leads are a better legal marketing solution not only because they spend your marketing budget in a more targeted way but also because they save you time.

In fact, for many successful law firms, their primary business commodity or bottleneck is their time availability. Tracking down prospects and generic lead information for people who have no chance of becoming fee-paying clients is a huge time drain for many law offices.

By connecting with and making your service pitch only to prospects with real potential, you can devote more of your time to delivering legal services. In some cases, you can also lower your fees and serve more clients through more efficient time management.

The Importance of Online Criminal Defense Leads

As you know, active marketing is critical to your law firm’s success. More so than other areas of the law, word-of-mouth referrals are somewhat less effective for criminal defense attorneys, due to the shame some clients are bound to feel. Many people simply won’t ask their friends, family, or neighbors if they’ve had a positive experience with a criminal defense lawyer.

Thus, it’s important not to rest on your current laurels and to stay abreast of the latest trends for this legal services market. For every client that finds an attorney through an online service is one more client that won’t be captured by more conventional (and increasingly outdated) marketing strategies.

This doesn’t mean you should abandon or short-change your other marketing resources. Putting you in touch with qualified criminal defense leads is a great strategy to grow your firm, but it can’t do everything.

A professional-looking website, social media networking, a persuasive theory of the case, and effective closing skills can all help build your brand and convert more leads into paying clients.

Getting Started with Total Attorneys

By actively promoting our primary consumer site ( and satellite sites, by using detailed service request forms that generate client profiles from the outset, by offering a versatile and powerful practice management platform, we have established an industry-leading and first-of-its-kind lead generation solution.