Five Tips for Starting a Virtual Law Office and Stainding Out (Video)

Virtual Law Office 2.0: The Next Evolution in Practice Management

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Five Tips for Starting a Virtual Law Office Started, Standing Out and Getting Business

Stephanie Kimbro: There are a few things attorneys need before they open virtal law offices and the first one would be:

Tip #1: Develop a Flexible Marketing Plan

A marketing plan that is flexible, that takes into account that the online client base may change as the practice develops.

Tip #2: Have a Secure Client Portal Website

The second tip is the website.

The website needs to have a secure client portal. That’s where the prospective clients and clients are provided with a unique username and password to log on to that virtual law office to work securely with that attorney online.

Tip #3: Provide Educational Content on Your Website

Another feature you should have on your website is educational content.

Perhaps a blog that is updated regularly; or some other form of educational content for the public that is based on the attorneys’ practice area.

Tip #4: Brand Your Firm as a Unique VLO

Another tip for attorneys starting their virtual law office is a way to brand themselves. Focus on the branding, building their reputation as a virtual law office, and as a unique virtual law office.

Find ways to distinguish your online services from other attorneys’ services. Perhaps compare your services to traditional offices or other offices with lesser virtual services. Really narrow down their unique online practice.

Tip #5: Incorporate a Secure Online Payment System

The other thing a VLO needs is a merchant account – a third party credit card processing company that they can use to allow clients to make online payments.

Those are really the starting points, the key elements, to starting a virtual law office.