Find Leads for Tax Cases Online

While some tax attorneys are able to do quite well waiting for the big tax client—wealthy individuals and corporations—many other firms do a volume-based business servicing personal and debt-related tax problems.

For this type of tax law practice, you’re often working with clients who have limited financial resources, unrealistic expectations, and who may have a small mountain of paperwork covering many years of tax returns.

To navigate this business environment, you need an effective way to find leads for tax cases and zero in on those prospects who have a legitimate potential to become fee-paying clients.

Defining Goals for Lead Generation

Too often, to find leads for tax cases is to wade through countless clients who wish you could fix all their tax problems by waving some type of magic lawyer wand.

Some individuals are seeking legal representation before they’ve even filed their returns, while others reside outside your state or geographic region. Worse, some lead marketing firms actually promulgate these types of leads through ineffective or even deceptive lead targeting strategies.

That said, conventional lead generation strategies—direct mail, call center referrals, radio and TV advertisements, tax lien databases—do still have an important role to play in generating new business opportunities for your firm. But it’s online service request sites that have truly raised the bar for what lead marketing has to offer your legal practice.

Part of this market trend is simply a result of new consumer behavior. The proliferation of web-based tax filing services has increased taxpayers’ awareness and expectation of finding tax help online. Yet, by requiring users to fill out detailed online forms, more information about the prospective client can be furnished when the lead is generated.

Find Better Leads for Tax Cases Online

At Total Attorneys, we require our users to provide their full name, zip code, contact information, and total tax debt. This helps us determine that the lead is legitimate and how much the case might potentially be worth.

However, we also encourage these prospective clients to tell us what types of taxes they owe, whether or not they’ve filed all their tax returns, and what tax problem, if any, they’re currently facing. In this way, you may already know whether a prospect is having wages garnished, a bank account levy, a tax lien, or some other financial hardship related to their tax debt.

In fact, you can even find leads for tax cases that are related to the other areas of the law your firm practices. If your firm also provides legal services related to bankruptcy, you can focus on wage garnishment and levy judgments.

If, on the other hand, your firm has expertise in divorce law, you can focus on innocent spouse cases. And as with our online matching services, you’re receiving fresh, consistent leads from clients who are motivated to obtain legal services in the near future.

Practice Management Platform

To get the most from your marketing budget, you need to understand that finding leads for tax cases is only one piece of the puzzle. Even the information provided for each individual prospect doesn’t always tell the whole story.

With our practice management platform, you can better organize your contact lists, track your daily tasks with a dashboard display, and even invoice and process payments online. With this comprehensive business resource, you can run a more efficient office, get more from your tax leads, and build a better law firm.