Find Better Wage Garnishment Leads Online

More consumers are seeking products and services online than ever before, and this includes legal services to prevent or respond to a wage garnishment judgment. But beyond the popularity of smart phones and social networking sites, there is another very specific reason to source your wage garnishment leads online.

Debtors often experience anxiety and resignation over their circumstances. As many attorneys will recognize, one common reason why a client, who could otherwise avoid garnishment, has their pay seized by creditors is inaction in presenting their case. They may feel no one is on their side; these individuals are more reticent to seek help online.

Faced with the task of finding, researching, and interviewing local attorneys, many might simply give up until they realize that there are web companies, like Total Attorneys, who enable them to make online service requests.

With these online form requests, we can identify the most appropriate law firms in our network and match the prospective client accordingly. Moreover, through this same method, we can provide our lawyers with better wage garnishment leads.

Before you contact the client, you’ll already know many of the details of their financial circumstances, such as the amount of the debt, to whom the debt is owed, and whether the client is also considering bankruptcy. In this way, you can better gauge your first response, case assessment, and any initial recommendations.

Different Types of Wage Garnishment Leads

With our value-added client profiles, you can determine the source of the garnishment. In this way, you can focus on the leads that are most likely to become fee-paying clients. Moreover, this information can also improve the strategy you use when first contacting a prospective client. Our wage garnishment leads are generated by online forms and service request sites that prompt users to indicate the following types of debts and financial obligations:

  • Consumer Debt—This includes both credit cards and store cards.

  • Outstanding Loans—This category is further divided into personal, auto, home, student, and even payday loans.

  • Family Law—Child support is the most common source of debts here, although spousal support is also a possibility.

  • Tax Debts—Sometimes the user will simply indicate income tax debt. In other cases, we know if it’s state and/or federal taxes and whether the taxes have already been filed or not.

Get More from Your Marketing Budget

Because our leads represent prospective clients who are actively seeking legal services, our lead generation strategy is a better way to spend your marketing budget. But our service is a multi-faceted resource that includes general marketing tips and tutorials, while our practice management platform will streamline both your office operations and lead conversion strategies.

Rather than generate quick revenue through a careless lead generation system, we’re committed to the long-term success of our lawyers, to developing a solution that enables you to spend more actually practicing the law, and to creating a more efficient and productive legal services market that benefits of all parties.