Family Law Leads and Online Marketing Strategies

Given the wide-ranging and somewhat nebulous nature of family law, effectively targeting and qualifying prospective clients can be extremely difficult.

Families produce a long paper trail as children grow up, go to school, get in trouble, and participate in various social groups. This doesn’t mean every registry is a valid list of family law leads, however. Just because roughly half of all marriages end in divorce doesn’t make a bridal shop fertile grounds for your legal practice.

Building a Family Practice

But how then do you identify prospective clients and generate business for your firm? Business-to-business marketing is crucial. From counseling centers and women’s shelters to churches and hair salons, there is still no substitute for building a robust referral network. Yet, more and more, this single strategy isn’t sufficient for effectively marketing your law firm.

You also need to tap into the online market. More consumers than ever before are going online to seek out products and services, including legal services. Some will land on web directories for local legal practices. Others will find sites that publish public ratings and reviews.

But there is also a growing popularity for consumer sites and web companies, like Total Attorneys, who actively place legal service requests with local, qualified attorneys.

By registering your firm in these directories, by establishing a social media profile, by maintaining a blog, and by joining an online lead generation service, you can expand your web presence exponentially and grow your practice with better family law leads.

Keep in mind, too, that effective marketing doesn’t simply keep your practice busy. It also gives you the opportunity to practice smarter client selection. Some law firms falter because they don’t have enough clients; others do so because they fail to recognize they can’t help everyone.

Family Law Leads from Total Attorneys

We’re best at generating leads related to divorce cases, though we do identify more specialized cases from our sites and online service request forms. We field case queries for innocent spouse tax debt, child sexual abuse, and juvenile defense and can deliver these leads if they meet your family law expertise.

Within our divorce portal sites, however, we also prompt users to indicate the number of children, income levels for both spouses, and other profile information that can help determine which leads may be productive for your firm. Moreover, family practice is one of the biggest law areas benefiting from the trend toward unbundled legal services.

Online family law leads is not the only resource we have to offer attorneys, however. Our practice management platform is a versatile tool for law office management and an indispensable resource for virtual law practices. In fact, many leads are often generated from out-of-state as family members have moved, despite still having legal matters to resolve.

This feature article and video shows how one of the family law attorneys in our network has been able to expand her client base by leveraging our practice management software.