Easy, Effective and Free Lawyer Advertising

If you’ve done a web search for free lawyer advertising, you’ve probably been disappointed. What you likely found was diversions into online directories, free marketing tools, or outright spam but no real advice on ad strategies that don’t require a budget.

Some of these diversions are well-placed in that what many attorneys really need is low-cost marketing to raise their firm’s profile. Many attorneys aren’t known for their business acumen, and the distinction between marketing and advertising isn’t always clear-cut.

But the question remains: Is there any potentially effective way to pursue free lawyer advertising or is it just a myth and misnomer?

Make Your Own Free Lawyer Advertising

There are few, legitimate techniques that won’t cost anything, but the Internet is one notable exception that can be explored—

  • Web Videos: This is probably the closest you can come to true, free lawyer advertising. Instead of hiring a real video production team and buying airtime on a local TV network affiliate, you can make your own video ad and post it on the web. This does not need to be a predictable and boring advertisement, either. By telling a poignant, funny, or compelling story about someone who might need a bankruptcy, personal injury, divorce, or tax attorney, for example, you can connect with your target market and still produce something engaging.

  • Social Networking: Typically, the principal challenge of an effective ad strategy is distribution, especially when you’re operating without a budget. Whether it’s a video or simply a virtual print ad posted on your website, you may be able to capture a decent number of eyeballs by joining a conversation in an online forum or a relevant website and including a link back to the advertisement.

  • Blog Posts: This is more accurately described as a marketing technique, since few third-party sites are interested in allowing attorneys to directly advertise for their firms. However, offering legal advice in a responsible way and then including a link or contact information can be an effective and free inlet to your law firm.

In each of these strategies, it’s important to remember that your ace-in-the-hole is your local market. It’s not as easy as people think to get a web video to go viral or even generate moderate Internet visibility. Content aimed for “law firms,” “attorneys,” “legal services,” and the like are flooded with big-name firms, associations, and online marketing companies—Total Attorneys included.

By labeling your video, by branding your social networking outreach, by including a byline with the name of your metropolitan market, you’re more likely to capture legitimate, prospective clients without having to weed through a crush of largely irrelevant responses.

Online Lead Generators

Often, attorneys will quickly recognize that free lawyer advertising is not an adequate strategy for their firm. The search itself may be a desperate attempt to start a practice with virtually no start-up capital. Yet, you don’t need to make a large, upfront expenditure to find success in advertising.

With Total Attorneys, you can pay-per-lead, set a monthly budget cap, and connect with qualified prospects in your area to grow your business. Our consumer sites use detailed query forms and contact information, our service includes free marketing resources, and our platform helps run your law office more efficiently.

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