Attracting Law Clients and Growing Your Firm

For any law firm, but especially new practices and solo attorneys, attracting law clients is at the top of the list of business priorities. Often, there is an arc from an initial gung-ho spirit to the frustration of fruitless efforts and finally to landing upon a key strategy or a critical-mass from multiple coordinated strategies that gets your practice off the ground and running.

Many attorneys spend years toiling at a law firm to gain the necessary experience to start on their own, while some new law school grads are jumping into the deep end because the current job prospects for young lawyers isn’t much, if any, better than the rest of the jobs market.

Fortunately, there is an easier and more effective way of attracting law clients than ever before. Join a top-rated online lead generation service, like Total Attorneys, that matches online consumers who are seeking legal services with the most appropriate lawyers in their network. Yet, as any expert will tell you, this is just the beginning of establishing a successful practice.

Close Better and Start Converting More Leads

Effective lead generation is a huge component of successful law firms, but attracting law clients is about a lot more than just early-stage marketing. After all, at the end of the day, you want more than just hype and prospects for your practice; you want fee-paying clients.

Thus, you should be constantly evaluating and working to improve your closing strategy. This often involves local market factors and emphasizing the unique strengths of your firm. But there are some basics that you should be aware, including relatively recent developments that you may not yet be doing:

  • Multi-Channel Marketing: Most attorneys recognize the need to maintain a website, lawyer directory listings, social media presence, business-to-business relationships, and general community outreach. The value of these assets goes beyond an initial marketing strategy, however. When a lead is connected with your practice or even after the initial interview and consultation, many prospects will further investigate your firm for credentials. When they find a professional-looking website and online tips offered through a social media page or blog, their confidence in your legal services will continue to grow.

  • Monitoring Your Firm’s Online Profile: This is something that is increasingly worth doing and is tied to consumers’ growing preference to seek out products and services online. You should create a list of popular websites that publish ratings and reviews for lawyers and which include your own firm. Next, monitor both positive and negative reviews. Many sites allow businesses and service professionals to respond to any reviews that are posted. In this way, you can reduce the impact of any negative reviews and increase the impact of the positive ones.

  • Develop Your Sales Skills: Needless to say, there are a bunch of tips and strategies you can deploy to improve your closing skills and convert more leads into clients. But, again, individual attorneys have different strengths and weaknesses. Some have a better demeanor and non-verbal skills but could use pointers as to the content of their pitch, or vice versa. We recommend taking advantage of our marketing resources and this audio recording of the conference session, “The Art of Closing.”

Attracting Law Clients with Total Attorneys

Helping attorneys grow and run their law practice is our raison d’être, and providing a more effective strategy for attracting law clients is one of the primary resources we have to offer.

Through our strongly marketed consumer query sites, through our sophisticated lead-qualifying process, and through our powerful practice management platform, we help attorneys find more business success while focusing on what they love—practicing the law.