Assessing Your Attorney Lead Generation Options

You don’t need an advanced business degree to understand that you can’t expect to establish, grow and sustain a viable legal practice if you’re not attracting new law clients.

Deploying the best strategies for your law firm, however, is an entirely different matter. From a website to lawyer directory listings to business-to-business marketing, general law firm marketing is one piece of the puzzle.

Many firms also use a dedicated attorney lead generation company that identifies people who are likely seeking legal services. Buyers beware, not every company uses the same strategy, and only by properly evaluating different vendors and the quality of the leads they produce can you hope to find the best solution for your firm.

Buying Contact Lists

This is a popular attorney lead generation method, but its effectiveness is all over the map and depends largely on the list source and its relevance to your legal market.

Simply identifying married couples in a specific geographic region, for example, will have comparatively little value for divorce attorneys. A list of distressed residential properties, on the other hand, might have moderate value for a bankruptcy lawyer. Meanwhile, obtaining a list of people charged with DUI will have a high value for a law firm that specializes in DUI cases.

Many lead vendors will openly admit that not all contact lists are created equal, and they price their lists accordingly. Keep in mind, however, that there is more to consider than just the price. With low response and conversion rates, the amount of time it takes to pursue the list may outweigh any financial return on investment.

Attorney Lead Generation through Online Search

Professional-looking websites and general online marketing efforts are important tools for growing your business, but many lawyers overestimate their effectiveness at capturing users who submit an online search for lawyers.

Simply put, the competition is insane. In the United States, legal service websites are a $245 billion industry in 2011, according to an industry report from Hoovers that also indicates “the industry is highly fragmented: the 50 largest firms generate about 15 percent of revenue.”

As with any commercial market, a large and growing number of consumers are going online to look for local attorneys. Likewise, you’re not just competing against other law firms, but also the web marketing firms that would sell these consumers as leads to their law firm clients.

If you’re not looking for ways to capture your share of this web-based legal market, you’re likely putting your firm at a competitive disadvantage.

Our Online Attorney Lead Generation Strike

At Total Attorneys, our attorneys lead generation is a more sophisticated system for capturing, qualifying, and matching prospective legal clients.

Our sites are designed to target consumers seeking specific legal services, such as bankruptcy, personal injury, divorce, defense, etc. We also require online users to fill out detailed forms that help us place the service request to the law firms in our network.

You’ll know the cause of a bankruptcy request, the nature of the injury suffered, whether charges have been filed, spousal income/marital assets—among other pertinent information about the prospective client that adds value to the leads themselves.

In this way, we don’t simply offer a return on your financial investment; we work to provide better overall leads that will help you grow your client base in a more effective way.