A New Approach to Finding Personal Injury Leads

From TV commercials and radio ads to billboards and hospital print ads, personal injury law advertising elicits some combination of loathing and jadedness from many people who see them. Yet, this natural reaction doesn’t address the many thousands of people who are seriously injured each year, have a legitimate grievance, and wish to pursue a tort against the liable party.

Moreover, not everyone knows a friend, family member, or neighbor who has been in this situation and can make a positive recommendation for a local law office. Fortunately, for both tort lawyers and their prospective clients, there’s a new, better way to connect these two parties.

Online Personal Injury Leads

Informed consumers are less likely than ever to be swayed or resigned into contacting the legal practice whose advertisement they see first. The Internet offers a variety of consumer resources: including rating and reviews sites, online directory listings, and tips for evaluating the merits of their own case. Often, this research ends when the prospective client identifies a consumer site that will take their service request and match the individual with a local, qualified attorney(s). With every client that seeks legal services online, TV and billboard ads become less and less effective.

These personal injury leads help return the importance of the initial consultation and offering comforting guidance—rather than annoying advertisements that target victims during their most vulnerable point. This virtual marketplace also puts law offices on a level playing field that tends to reward lawyers’ best practices. And with this more effective marketing model, law firms have greater resources to devote to the cases themselves and more leverage to reach their desired outcome.

Build a Better Law Firm

It’s not a coincidence or moral deficiency that personal injury lawyers get such a bad rap. Local markets are often extraordinarily competitive and effectively approaching and retaining clients is a huge component of successful firms. As much as anybody, many attorneys do not like the hoops they have to jump through to find clients. They’d rather practice law and focus on their clients’ outcomes. Now, with these new personal injury leads, many law firms are finding they can keep an active roster of clients and cases without spending a bunch of time and effort engaging in proverbial ambulance chasing. A more stable client base is good for individual clients, too, since lawyers are less likely to make choices based, in part, of the financial health and viability of their firm.

Choosing Your Internet Lead Provider

The best online personal injury leads are also tailored to the lawyers they are matched to. Needless to say, you don’t want to waste your marketing budget on cases of police brutality and sexual abuse, if you focus on auto accidents and workplace injuries, or vice versa. Naturally, not every lead will convert into an active client, but it does present a more targeted marketing strategy. With this in mind, look for a company that does the following when choosing your online lead generator:

  • Maintains powerful consumer sites that capture web traffic and require users to fill out detailed service request forms.
  • Offers additional marketing resources that help increase the profile of your firm.
  • Provides access to a versatile data management platform that will help organize and manage current and prospective clients.