21st Century Web Advertising for Attorneys


The biggest change in advertising for attorneys since the turn of the century has been the ways in which high-quality content can be inexpensively produced and distributed to local markets. For advertising strategies of the previous century, consider this anecdote from a recent episode of Mad Men: Don Draper’s advertising team has to deal with a business client that is trying to decide how much of its ad budget to spend on the national campaign promoting the company brand versus local radio spots used solely to increase foot traffic at individual stores. It was only until recently that attorneys in private practice had to make a similar calculation: Invest in an expensive TV campaign that aggressively marketed the firm or attempt to blanket the area with radio and print ads to increase exposure and keep the phone ringing with prospective clients.

New Opportunities in Advertising for Attorneys

Today, however, the visual media and creative branding content that used to be solely for national ad campaigns can now be inexpensively produced and distributed to local markets through the web. And this strategy is having a profound impact on advertising for attorneys. Part of the change is increased access to video production technology. We’re not necessarily saying you should trust the future of your law practice to a nephew with a smart phone video camera. Yet, the ability to produce video content on your own (often through trial-and-error and a little bit of luck) can create a lot of opportunities.

Part of the change, too, is today’s audience and their familiarity with amateur web videos. You no longer need “studio time” just to produce high-quality video content that upholds a professional image for your business. Even for those lawyers who want to maintain tighter control of their ad messaging, it’s easier than ever to find an affordable video production firm.

Virtual Targeting and Narrowcasting

Whether part of a major search engine system or online advertising tools from a niche firm, web companies offer increasingly effective ways to gut through the noise of the Internet and deliver your ad content to the right audiences. The strategy is called narrowcasting, and we do it here at Total Attorneys, too. The first piece of information we require from users who wish to make a legal service request is their zip code. In this way, we connect you exclusively with prospective clients from your pre-chosen markets. Along with basic case information, we use this data to generate only those leads that have a legitimate chance of converting to paying clients. This information can also be used to conduct a preliminary case assessment more quickly and tailor your legal service sales pitch.

Like most consumer businesses, even the power of online advertising is still about connecting with the clients down the street. Search engines, social networks, and affiliate marketing have all taken leaps-and-bounds improvements in helping individuals find location-based information. With effective labeling, strong content, and a consistent effort to build your practice’s online presence, web advertising for attorneys is likely to become a top result for local clients searching for relevant legal services—even if it remains all but invisible in most other places on the Internet.

Promoting Your Ad Content

Everybody wants viral content, but you don’t need a million+ YouTube views to create significant reach in local, legal service markets. Moreover, with smart multi-channel strategies, you can use other marketing tools to strengthen the potential impact of your advertising. Typically for content to “go viral,” a critical mass of social networking is needed to unleash the ubiquitous exposure. The odds of this happening can be increased by posting a visible link to the video content on your law practice blog. A small, engaged audience can be ideal when first launching this type of ad campaign.

Feel free to peruse our site for more resources on advertising for attorneys. If you’re ready to harness the power of our lead generation technology or if you’re ready to start running your law practice with a web-based solution, check out our practice management platform. Developed by lawyers for lawyers, our system can help stimulate grow for your practice and more effectively manage your law office.