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Resources to Improve Your Law Practice

Total Attorneys has assembled this collection of Power Chat webinars, Total Expert Radio shows, white papers, articles, videos and other resources to help you keep your law practice running smoothly and profitably in the 21st Century. We’ve done the research, interviewed the experts, collected the data and insights and provided it all in one convenient location for you.

Webinars and Radio Shows

Join Total Attorneys for discussions of the latest happenings in the legal world. Listen in on sessions with leaders in the legal technology industry and serve up episodes of Blog Talk Radio on demand.

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Law Firm Technology

Are you making use of the latest technological developments in your law firm? Technology is changing the face of legal services. Get the data and see what the experts say about taking advantage of the latest changes in tech.

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Practice Management

Running a law office takes more than a law degree. Like any small business, it takes a focused coordination of many moving parts. Learn tips for effective hiring, servicing clients, and making the most out of your practice.

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Marketing Your Firm

Attorneys have more options than ever when it comes to marketing their services – it’s no longer just phone books and billboards. The game is changing, and Total Attorneys is at the forefront of innovative legal marketing solutions.

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Law Students

There’s never been a better time to be starting out in the legal industry. There’s a world of opportunity for law students who are willing to embrace cutting-edge technology. See what’s available for students and recent legal grads.

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Newsletters & White Papers

We work with thought-leaders to break down what’s really going on in the legal world. Check out our industry white papers and comb through our archived newsletters.

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Total Attorneys TV

See what’s happening with Total Attorneys’ software, services, and all-star employees! Tune in for regular updates and sneak previews into what’s coming down the pipeline.

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