Attorney FAQs

Total Attorneys offers a full suite of software and services that allow you to GROW and RUN your law firm. Our quest is to help attorneys to do what they do best – practice law. Total Attorneys gives small firms and solo attorneys the tools to succeed in one affordable, intuitive solution.

High Performance Marketing FAQ

What is the relationship between and High Performance Marketing? is a full-service, web-based law practice management platform. Through the platform, Total Attorneys delivers a variety of services to small law firms and solo attorneys, including High Performance Marketing. Attorneys can currently purchase High Performance Marketing services independent of the platform. For those law firms operating on the platform, High Performance Marketing will soon be integrated into the platform and prospect contact information, invoicing and other communications delivered through the platform.

How do Total Attorneys’ call center services work? What questions do they ask when reaching a Prospect?

A Prospect interested in speaking with an attorney can submit his information one of two ways: by filling out the form on a specific practice area website or by calling us toll-free. As part of the support services we provide to your law firm, our call center agents will call those Prospects who submit an online form within five minutes of receiving the form. Usually, we make contact sooner.

If our agents do not reach the Prospect during this initial phone call, or the agent reaches the Prospect but he is unable to speak with you at this time, the TA program will automatically generate an appointment time at which we’ll attempt to connect the Prospect with your office. However, if an agent reaches a Prospect during the initial call and he is able to speak to you at that time, no appointment time will be scheduled. Rather, the agent will attempt to hot-transfer the Prospect to your law office.

When speaking with the Prospect, our call center agents will confirm the information that he or she submitted in addition to confirming whether the Prospect wants to get in touch with an attorney. Our call center agents will also explain to Prospects that we are not a lawyer referral service.

Are Calls Still Transferred When I am Out of the Office?

As we market on a national level, we are unable to “shut off” marketing for your law office. What this means is, you will still be receiving those who express interest in speaking with an attorney in your area, we will still be scheduling appointment calls and we will continue to follow-up with Prospects who have been assigned to your office.

Please contact your Account Manager for solutions on how best to handle calls while out of the office.

When am I Billed?

You will receive your Final Invoice within 24 hours of the end of the Dispute Period. The amount on your Final Invoice will reflect any credit requests that were accepted during the Dispute Period, as well as any other credits that may be due to your account. We will begin processing payments within 24 to 48 hours after your Final Invoice is emailed to you.

Forms of payment: We accept all major credit cards or ACH, which is the equivalent of an electronic check. An ACH payment would be automatically debited from your bank account. Please note that we may modify our billing process from time to time and that we will alert you to any changes before they occur.

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Platform FAQ


How do you compare to other software providers in the legal industry?

The Total Attorneys platform is the most robust client management platform available.

The most obvious difference is that we have deeper integrations of our marketing tools, leads for new clients, and native iPhone and iPad apps.

Do I have to use the client portal?

You do not have to use the client portal, although most of our firms do find it highly beneficial. From within the portal, clients are able to have discussions with you and upload documents for you to review. Clients are also able to submit payments through our payment processing app.

Do clients count as billable users?

No, they don’t! All clients that register for the client portal are free of charge to you. Billable users are the members of your firm that have access to the full product.

How does billing work?

Total Attorneys offers your law firm a variety of options for tracking time and billing.

While many billing and time-tracking systems allow only for billable hours, Total Attorneys recognizes the need for fixed-fee billing and hybrid methods that allow for fixed-fee and hourly combination billing.

You can easily send invoices straight from the platform.

Clients can also submit payments right through the client portal if you have the payment processing app, where your clients can choose to pay either by major credit card or ACH.

The platform also offers a built-in opportunity to track pro bono services.

The billing options are robust and were designed for flexibility, a product built by attorneys for attorneys.

Is my data secure?

Total Attorneys provides the same SSL protection used by online banking and government institutions.

Data is encrypted using industry-proven algorithms. All of your data is housed in an accredited, dedicated, secure data center with 24/7 access and monitoring.

Legal Leads FAQ

What are legal leads?

Simply put, legal leads are a form of marketing for your law firm. You select the zip codes and practice areas desired, and Total Attorneys delivers high quality in-market consumers actively looking to connect with an attorney.

Prospects complete in-depth forms online and are delivered to you in real-time. You only pay for the leads your receive.

How do I sign-up?

To sign up, simply click here to get started or call us at (877) 248-4001.

How much does it cost?

Pricing varies based on practice area; select only the zip codes and practice areas you want to target, and you’ll only pay for the leads you receive. For more information on leads in your target area, please click here to contact us or call (877) 248-4001.

Where do leads come from?

Prospects complete in-depth forms on sites specific to certain practice areas, such as,,,,, and

Why is Total Attorneys the best place to get leads?

At Total Attorneys, the success of our attorneys is our top priority. We follow a rigorous multi-step process to help us deliver the best in-market consumers actively looking to connect with an attorney. With our 10 Point Total Quality Check, you know you are getting the industry’s best leads!

How are leads delivered?

Leads are delivered in real-time to your email address. Leads are also entered directly into your Total Attorneys practice management platform, where you can manage your pipeline, convert prospects to clients, and manage your existing clients, all in one place. We also provide Lead Notifier, a free service that delivers leads to your phone. You’ll receive a call with the lead’s details – simply press “1” to dial out to the potential client.

Are leads State Bar compliant?

To support Total Attorneys’ model of leveraging online technologies to grow and manage law practices, Total Attorneys funded a three-year nationwide legal defense to successfully resolve ethics questions and the interpretation of online marketing. With this, clear distinctions have been made between referral sites, directory listings and other forms of lead generation marketing used by lawyers. Click here to read the ABA’s Cloud Ethics Opinions.