Writing a Better Attorney Bio

Written by Russ Korins, law firm marketing consultant. Russ Korins assists law firms with marketing and practice development. He previously practiced corporate and technology law. He is based in New York City and works with clients around the country.

Attorney biographies: they are one of the most important things prospective clients check in deciding whether to hire a lawyer.

And yet, most attorney bios, rather than assuring and compelling prospects and referral sources, simply report on previous experience, or rattle off a list of accomplishments.

Have you ever noticed how many attorney bios mention “extensive experience” in their practice areas?


You can start today on improving your bio.

Think of it as a strategically positioned argument, not an exhaustive history. What would you tell a prospective client, or key referral source, about your work?

Consider the aspects of your experience, and the needs your legal services meet, that are most valuable in the eyes of your audience.

Even better, think about your marketing or business plans over the next six months: who you expect to meet, the kinds of clients you want to attract, and the referral sources you will engage and cultivate.

Now edit your biography in anticipation of these opportunities, so that it will be as strong as possible for the audience you create.

Writing a biography can mean much more than compiling a life story, and editing a biography should be more than just adding a new reported case or representative transaction to the list.

Make your biography an integral part of your total marketing and business generation effort. When you write a better bio, better clients will follow.