Why Your Law Firm Should Start a Blog – Seven Reasons

Most solo practice attorneys and law firms know that having a website can be a valuable tool for creating an online brochure for your law firm, providing contact information for potential clients, boosting your credibility and introducing yourself in more detail than your business card will allow. But is a simple website really enough?

By adding a blog for your law practice, you can share information and expertise, network with other legal professionals, and reach out to new and existing clients in ways that a simple, static website cannot.

Your law firm should start blogging because blogs…

  1. Cost very little and are often easy to set up and update
  2. Allow your law firm to regularly engage with clients and legal professionals in a relaxed and informal setting
  3. Help boost your search engine ranks because they are text-rich and cleanly coded, making it easier for search engines to crawl through them to find information
  4. Give you a platform to demonstrate your expertise and establish yourself and your law firm as an authority in particular areas of law
  5. Convert prospects into clients by giving consumers a reason to remember your name every time they check your blog for new and informative articles and general information
  6. Provide opportunities for your law firm to gain insight into client needs and interests through blog comments and responses
  7. Encourage trust in you and your law firm by showing clients the creative human personality behind the dry image of the attorney filling out paperwork, writing contracts or filing complaints