Who’s Dave? Total Attorneys CTO

I’m closing in on my 1 year anniversary as CTO of Total Attorneys. It’s been a fantastic first year of learning performance marketing, the online legal space, and the general machinations of a company bursting at the seams with progress.

Most of my energy has been focused inward, tightening up technology and getting ahead of the growth curve.

We’re in a fantastic place right now so I’m letting my lieutenants run their respective groups (as they breathe a sigh of relief) while I take a broader look outward and on a longer horizon. Which gets me to blogging.

In future posts I’ll be commenting on legal software-as-a-Service, scalable systems, process, and how all that impacts the online legal space. But for today, just a simple introduction.

So back to the question at hand – who’s Dave? Or David as my wife calls me.

I’ve done quite a bit of traveling, but I’m a Midwest guy born and bred. I started life as a Software Programmer with lots of Java, open-source, Linux and more recently leading teams heavily Microsoft, SQLSever, .Net focused.

A handful of the early years were consulting with Andersen Consulting then a boutique consulting firm called Neoglyphics.

More recently, I spent 4 years helping launch, then scale, the online travel company Orbitz, then moved on to help launch the online document management company SpringCM.

Early on I began gravitating toward the business side of technology and VP’ing or CTO’ing multidisciplinary teams spanning development, IT/operations, product management, and quality assurance.

Personally I live in the Humbolt Park / Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago with a cat and a dog we rescued from Paws Chicago.

My off-hours are spent traveling, brewing beer, and nursing an 8500 BTU smoker through all assortment of meats. Ask me about craft beer sometime – not only do I brew but I’m also a certified beer judge. No joke.

To wrap this up… keep an eye on this space for my take on SaaS, technology, process, online Legal, and some random comments on beer, food and life.