Welcome Rjon Robins, Guest Blogger

At Total Attorneys, we work hard to provide attorneys with the tools they need to build successful law practices, better serve their clients and make more money while achieving work-life balance. In addition to creating useful services and technology to help attorneys grow their law firms, we strive to become a resource for attorneys who are looking for expert tips on how to manage their practice. Each monthrjon robins, legal marketing expert, we invite attorneys, business coaches and other professionals to share their insights on Total Expert Radio and Power Chat. This month, we are adding another channel for you to learn from nationally recognized legal industry experts right here on our blog.

This month, our featured guest blogger is Rjon Robins. Robins is a self-proclaimed “law firm marketing and law practice management nerd” who got his start as a struggling solo practitioner who learned how to generate business through old-fashioned trial and error. After turning his business around, with the help of the Florida Bar’s Law Office Management Assistance Service, Robins decided to help other attorneys by becoming the first lawyer to serve as Law Practice Management Advisor for the 4th largest State Bar in the country. Now, Robins assists attorneys in marketing and managing their law practices through coaching programs, professional speaking engagements, books, webinars and e-courses.

This month, Robins will cover a variety of topics on law firm management and marketing, so be on the lookout for his first post later today. On August 4, join us on Total Expert Radio where you will have the opportunity to meet Robins on air, as he provides attorneys with tips on how to set up and manage an IOLTA trust account. During our radio show, callers will have the opportunity to ask questions and get answers from Robins during the show.