Total Expert Radio Recap: Holiday Law Practice Strategies

donna_seyleLast week I handed the reins over to Chelsey Lambert to host an episode of Total Expert Radio. While I didn’t get to listen in live, I did get a chance to enjoy the archived recording. This episode was on Holiday Law Practice Strategies, and it featured Donna Seyle, an expert in freelance lawyering, virtual practice and law practice management. This was a great episode for Chelsey to host since she is Total Attorney’s Virtual Law Office Enabler, and she and Donna were able to give our listeners many tips on how to balance the practice of law with other obligations during the holiday season.

Holidays provide one of the rare times of the year when attorneys in traditional practices get to leave their offices, but they need the tools to allow them to walk out of the office without feeling business will collapse while they are enjoying a child’s holiday pageant or visiting friends at a party.

According to Donna Seyle, attorneys can practice law anywhere they have access to a secure internet connection. At Total Attorneys, we agree and often help attorneys create virtual office solutions for their entire practice, but brick-and-mortar attorneys can also benefit from virtual solutions during the holidays.

Here are some of the other tools and tips suggested during the show:

  • Use a virtual receptionist to manage calls and messages while the office is empty.
  • Set up auto-responses to notify clients when you will be responding to emails and phone calls.
  • Manage your time in short increments to get both work and holiday tasks. Chelsey suggested using the Pomodoro technique.
  • Use your down time during the holidays to research ways to make your business more efficient. Generally there is a technology out there that can help you streamline your business.
  • Give your clients reasonable expectations during the holidays by sending them a proactive email that explains how and when you will be working during the holidays.
  • Avoid scheduling court dates and meetings on days when you have holiday plans with friends and family.
  • Take advantage of opportunities to grow your practice by networking and making connections at parties. You just might find a new referral standing under the mistletoe in that Santa hat.

For more great tips, listen to the full show here, and join us this Monday and Tuesday for a Power Chat on Security in the Cloud, featuring Total Attorneys’ David Dahl and Clio’s Jack Newton.