Total Expert Radio – Alternative Billing Strategies: Subscriptions

aaronIn today’s legal industry, many consumers and attorneys want to move away from the billable hour, and practice management consultants often suggest flat fees for attorneys. Flat fees, however, are not the only alternative billing method. While most people know Aaron Street and Sam Glover through their writing on, they also have their own law firm in Minnesota that utilizes a unique subscription-based billing system.


Join us on Friday, February 4, 2011, on Total Expert Radio for a discussion on Law Firm Billing Alternatives and subscription-based billing. We will talk to Aaron and Sam about their billing model, why they use this system over others and what types of clients are attracted to the subscription-based model. Listen to the show here or call in by dialing (347) 857-1419. Callers will have the opportunity to join on air and ask questions during the show. For more information on this show and others, check out the Total Expert Radio schedule.