Total Attorneys Talks to Law Students

On Tuesday, Total Attorneys had the opportunity to host LLM students from Matthew Prince’s class on start-up companies at John Marshall Law School. Matthew, founder of Cloud Flare and adjunct professor at John Marshall, brought his students here to learn more about how we grew from one person in a small apartment running an information-technology management firm into a fully-staffed, technology-enabled service provider focusing on small law firms and solo attorneys.

In less than 2 hours, we had six speakers and a lightning-round panel of team members from every department share their knowledge on company history, business development, legal technology, virtual law practice, business process outsourcing, the evolution of legal ethics, search engine optimization, marketing and more.

We love having visitors at Total Attorneys, and it was exciting to exchange ideas with a group of very enthusiastic law students and new attorneys. If you or your group would like to visit our offices, let us know. Here are a few pictures from the presentation on Tuesday:

Matthew introduced his class to us. Most of the students were practicing attorneys enrolled in John Marshall’s Information Technology and Privacy Law LLM program, and they had some great questions about the future of legal technology and ways to incorporate technology into their own practices.


Kevin Chern led the presentation, while Tim Ryan talked about how technology has changed the way lawyers acquire clients.


Stephanie Kimbro joined us via Skype to discuss how technology has enabled virtual law practice.