Total Attorneys Radio: Changing Consumer Trends and the Future of Legal Services

Total Attorneys invites you to join us for an exciting radio show on Blog Talk Radio next Friday, June 4, 2010, at 12:00pm CDT.

This show will be hosted by Chelsey Lambert, and we will feature two expert guests from the ABA General Practice, Solo & Small Firm Division—Chairman James Durant, III, and Chair-Elect Joseph A. DeWoskin. During this show, Durant and DeWoskin will discuss changing consumer trends and the future of legal services.

This is a hot topic in today’s legal market, and our guests will answer questions and discuss the economy’s effect on consumer needs for legal services, the changes attorneys can expect to see in coming years, ways attorneys can use changing consumer trends to their advantage, the position of the U.S. legal market in relation to global changes in the legal industry, and the growth of unbundled legal services, among many other topics. This event is free, and you can listen to the show in two ways:

  • Call-in: (347) 857-1419
  • Listen online by clicking here.

Callers will have the opportunity to join us on the show to ask questions, and you can also submit questions before and during the show by sending messages to @TotalAttorneys on Twitter. To learn more about upcoming and archived radio, webinar and chat programs at Total Attorneys, visit the Law Firm Resources.