Total Attorneys acquires VLOTech and companies join forces!

You definitely know by now that we’re always looking for ways to grow, expand and adapt our services to improve the legal industry for consumers, small law firms and solo practitioners. We make those changes every day, in small ways and sometimes in larger, more dramatic ones. Today, our acquisition of Virtual Law Office Technology, LLC (VLOTech) is one of the big ones.

Like Total Attorneys, VLOTech has dedicated its efforts to helping small law firms grow through technology. With VLOTech software, an attorney can practice law anywhere there’s an Internet connection. The software affords amazing possibilities to attorneys and consumers.

VLOTech makes it possible to build and maintain a full law practice with or without a physical office location. It allows consumers who live in rural areas or are unable to get to an attorney’s office to retain legal services online. For both virtual and brick-and-mortar practices, it allows clients to log in 24/7 to securely upload and download documents, complete legal forms, update personal information, review invoices, make payments, and more.

And, of course, we’re not stopping there. We’re all very excited about the many ways this software integrates with existing Total Attorneys products and our plans for the future. VLOTech Co-founder Stephanie Kimbro will assume the title of Total Attorneys Evangelist, while continuing in her virtual law practice. Co-founder Benjamin Norman will be joining us as a Senior Developer and will continue to expand VLOTech features.

The addition of VLOTech to our product line is a significant step in our ongoing effort to revolutionize the delivery of legal services, and we expect both attorneys and clients to benefit from the flexibility and efficiency it offers. Consumers and legal professionals will see the quality of representation and access to legal services improve as we integrate our two innovative companies into one.