Total Attorneys 2011 Small Law Firm Technology Report

Last week, Total Attorneys released the 2011 Small Law Firm Technology Report, a compilation of data collected from hundreds of small firm and solo attorneys. Our findings confirmed that legal technology is impacting the practice of law and the way attorneys do business, but also identified areas in which small firm / solo attorneys are not yet taking advantage of the tools available to them and their clients.

Download your free copy of the report and find out where your law firm falls on the technology curve, what tools and processes are helping your colleagues save time and money and grow their legal practices, and what's likely to change in the coming year.

Learn how attorneys are using email and other electronic communications, the role mobile devices are playing in legal practice today, what percentage of small firm and solo attorneys work regularly outside the office and how emerging technologies like video conferencing and online client portals are likely to impact the future.

Then, join us at noon Central on Total Expert Radio. Total Attorneys President Kevin Chern will discuss the report and the state of legal technology with industry experts and take your calls at (347) 857-1419.