These Are a Few of My Favorite Apps: CardMunch

cardmunchAs you already know, Total Attorneys has been busy getting ready for the new Practice Management Platform. As the Product Owner for this new platform, I spend a lot of time telling lawyers about great products and services they can use to streamline their workflow, cut down on overhead and communicate more effectively. Not only do I teach attorneys how to use these tools, I use a lot of web-based and mobile apps myself to organize ideas, collaborate with others, and manage my workflow.

Last week, I shared with you a few of my favorite apps that attorneys can use to keep track of health and fitness while on the go, but this week I want to take things a step further with a new series: These Are a Few of My Favorite Apps. For the next few weeks, I will tell you about my five favorite mobile apps, and give you a tips on how to use them. You may have already heard of some of these, but instead of just sharing the next new trend, I’ll give a few tried and true favorites, as well as new game changers—starting this week with CardMunch.

CardMunch is a mobile business card transcription service that has been around for a while now as a paid version, but it was recently acquired by LinkedIn to become a free service. If I had known about this app during the ABA TechShow, it would have really come in handy. This nifty little app uses real humans, not computers, to transcribe business card contacts and return them directly to your phone with 100% accuracy usually within minutes.

All you have to do is snap a picture of the business card with your phone and click send. After that, your contacts can be saved on the CardMunch App or directly in your iPhone address book, and then CardMunch backs up and synchronizes all of your contacts to your web account so you can access and recover contacts easily online. In addition, CardMunch allows you to connect via LinkedIn or send a follow-up app with your own contact information in just one tap. The best feature of this great app? It’s absolutely free.

Instead of keeping up with cards during a long conference weekend and then having to deal with faulty (yet expensive) scanners and translation software or hand-typing contacts into your address book, this app allows you to record important contacts and connect with them immediately and on the spot.

Visit this page next week for another great app suggestion. In the meantime, share with me some of your favorite mobile apps in the comments below.