The Keys to a Successful Email Campaign

Yesterday, I came across a Forbes article entitled “How to Make Email Marketing Campaigns Sing.”

This article interviewed five top executives from Xerox, eBay, Qwest Communications and General Motors who shared their secrets on how to market business through email. While each of these executives gave their own answers on how they use email campaigns to market their businesses, a few things remained common among all five: The content in their messages are personalized, customized, relevant, and beneficial to consumers and current customers.

While email allows us to easily send messages to a large number of people at a very low cost, it also makes it easy for consumers to filter and delete those messages. When you send out your newsletter, announcements or other marketing materials, create content that will give potential clients a reason to “read, click, link and listen.”

That means you should pay attention to your target audience, their interests and the reasons why they would want to hire you as their attorney.

Use your email campaign to show potential clients that you understand their needs and that you have the tools to help. By targeting your audience and providing readers with something of value in your message, you are more likely to encourage potential clients to visit your website or call your firm for more information or assistance, which can lead to more business for your law firm.