Technology & Marketing Sessions Abound at the Michigan State Bar’s Solo & Small Firm Institute

Grand Rapids is just a short drive from the Total Attorneys office and a favorite destination for many Chicagoans looking for a quick getaway. But it’s not golf that’s on the schedule, we’re headed to the Michigan State Bar, Solo & Small Firm Institute.

This year’s well rounded CLE schedule includes a strong track of practical technology sessions, lead by Barron Henley founding member of the Affinity Group. Not only is Barron one of the smartest people I have ever had the pleasure of working with, but he is also an excellent technology translator. Making daunting technology tasks seem easy and manageable. If you have a chance to attend one of Barron’s session’s I’d highly recommend it.

Another not to miss presenter is Author and Keynote Speaker; Matt Homann. Spend 2 minutes talking to Matt, and I think you’ll agree his enthusiasm and energy is infectious. I’m a big fan of Matt’s sessions for a couple of reasons. He presentations are straight, to the point, and deliver actionable tasks, goals or projects that are realistic for any of us to implement. LexThink, his rapid fire 6 minute speaker showdown is a great example. Another is the sessions are always fun and interactive, no calling out Bueller here. He breaks down your misconceptions about a particular topic, and shows you ways to affect change, grow and build the practice and life you want.

I look forward to checking Barron & Matt’s sessions below, plus several others from new speakers sharing their time with us next week.

The practice of law is changing more quickly than ever. For attorneys to survive and thrive, they must adapt their practices to deliver legal services in creative and innovative ways. In this fast-paced presentation, learn how (and why) to implement innovative pricing strategies, creative marketing techniques, proven customer service principles, and cutting-edge ideas from other industries and professions. Leave energized and inspired, ready to innovate, keep your clients happy, and make more money.
Matthew Homann, LexThink LLC, St. Louis, MO

SSFI: Marketing/Law Practice Management Track: Connecting with Clients
Does the rise of easy-to-use tools like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter signal the death of traditional trust-based relationship building? Learn practical, easy-to-implement ways to blend old-school networking methods with online services to begin, develop, and foster profitable, long-term client relationships.
Matthew Homann, LexThink LLC, St. Louis, MO

SSFI: Marketing/Law Practice Management Track: Practical Pricing—Part 1
Clients hate the billable hour, and many lawyers do, too. Billing by the hour can discourage efficiency and innovation while driving a divide between lawyer and client. In this interactive workshop, participants will explore five alternative pricing models and learn how (and why) to dump the billable hour and base their fees upon value rather than time.
Matthew Homann, LexThink LLC, St. Louis, MO

SSFI: Technology Track: Champagne Technology on a Beer Budget!
Think you can't get great technology on a budget? Think again. Whether you're ready to start a firm or overhaul your firm's existing technology, Barron provides you with the ultimate lawyer's technology road map. From buying strategies to your ideal computer configuration; from VOIP phone systems to online faxing, you literally can't afford to miss this segment.
Barron K. Henley, Affinity Consulting Group LLC, Columbus, OH

SSFI: Technology Track: Using Technology to Build Malpractice Avoidance Procedures into the Way You Work
Discover 10 malpractice traps and how the proper use of technology in your practice can eliminate or alleviate 7 out of the 10. Learn about calendaring, docketing, client communication/relations, research and investigation, conflicts of interest, documentation of work, and more. See if your firm is following “best practices” and identify areas of improvement.
Barron K. Henley, Affinity Consulting Group LLC, Columbus, OH

SSFI: Technology Track: Business Continuity—The New Frontier of Backup and Data Protection
You can't afford to lose your data. From creating backup rules to establishing responsibilities in your office, learn all the steps and technology you need to build a rock-solid system that will keep you up and running no matter what catastrophe may strike.
Barron K. Henley, Affinity Consulting Group LLC, Columbus, OH

SSFI: Technology Track: 50 Tech Tips in 50 Minutes
Fast-paced and fun, covering everything under the technology sun. From cool websites to software to gadgets and utilities, attend the fastest 50 minutes in CLE to learn the technology that will let you work smarter, faster, and more efficiently.
Barron K. Henley, Affinity Consulting Group LLC, Columbus, OH

SSFI: KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Killer Cloud Services for Lawyers
“I want to move all of my software to the cloud.” Are you gung ho about the cloud? Before you jump on the bandwagon, hear the expert's take on the pros and cons of cloud services. Explore the breadth of cloud services available, then discover Barron's top cloud services for lawyers and see live demonstrations of each. Plus, learn how to access ANY application by renting a server rather than buying one. By the end of this session you'll know if cloud services are right for you and what your next steps should be if you jump in.
Barron K. Henley, Affinity Consulting Group LLC, Columbus, OH

SSFI: Technology Track: Anywhere Lawyering: Productivity Without Paper (Smartphone, Scanners, Paperless Strategies)
Today's technologies no longer require that a lawyer must be in the office, tied to paper files to fully serve one's client and manage one's practice. In this session, you will learn about using scanners to transition all of your documents to electronic format and how to meaningfully access and analyze that information from anywhere. We'll discuss smart phone capabilities, basic mobile computing and security concerns, as well as considerations on what needs to be saved and for how long.
Barron K. Henley, Affinity Consulting Group LLC, Columbus, OH

SSFI: Technology Track: 30 Word Tips in 50 Minutes
You wouldn't believe what you don't know about Word. This fast-paced lesson covers Word's best kept secrets in document design and development.
Barron K. Henley, Affinity Consulting Group LLC, Columbus, OH

SSFI: Technology Track: The Nuts and Bolts of a Personal Computer—Literally!
For many of us, a computer is something that showed up on our desk one day and we were told to use it. Understanding all the technical elements of a computer can be rather daunting and prevent us from making the most of technology. Learn the basic elements of a computer—memory, hard drive, processors, monitors, etc.—so that you can learn how a computer works and how to best put it to use, all in plain English. Witness a computer being taken apart so you can see how the components work together.
Barron K. Henley, Affinity Consulting Group LLC, Columbus, OH

SSFI: Marketing/Law Practice Management Track: Pad Your Productivity with an iPad
Proving that you don't need to be an Apple fan to appreciate what an iPad can do for you and your practice, a longtime Windows enthusiast shows how the iPad and the right choice of apps, accessories, and services can make your practice more productive. Whether you have an iPad now or are considering purchasing one, learn how to untether yourself from the office and use the iPad for communication, document creation, legal research, litigation, remote access, and more.
Scott Bassett, Bradenton, FL

SSFI: Marketing/Law Practice Management Track: Marketing is a Contact Sport
Your contacts are a key element in your marketing plan. Loaded with dozens of suggestions and how-to's, you'll walk away with strategies to create and maintain more effective, business-producing relationships.
Elizabeth C. Jolliffe, Your Benchmark Coach, Ann Arbor

SSFI: KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Don't Go to Work Unless It's Fun! How Lawyers Can Become Happier and More Productive
What percent of the American workforce do not get satisfaction from their work? Find out the answer and, if you are one of them (or even if not), this mini-workshop will give you a new look at work and your relation to it. It will help you to look forward to going to work every day and give you a sure-fire method to go home satisfied at the end of the day. Beyond that, you will learn the three resolutions to all work problems and an opportunity to resolve one of your key issues.
Frank Sanitate, Frank Sanitate Associates, Santa Barbara, CA

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