Take Your Law Firm With You This Summer!

Are you spending the summer in your office, staring out the window at a gorgeous day outside? Maybe you’re tied to your computer, files and paper, but all you can think about is sitting on your deck or in your home office, looking out at the backyard, or being there to admire the butterfly captured by your 3rd grader.

What if you could leave for vacation, calls would be answered by a professional receptionist even on the weekends, and your files would be accessible online–not just to you but to your staff and your clients? If that were possible, you could work from anywhere!

Even better, could you attract clients who wouldn’t be able to reach your offices otherwise? And not just attract clients, but facilitate their whole experience with your office, including invoicing and payment. Rather than waiting for snail mail, they could log into your law office online and pay you with a credit card!

What if your child is sick and you need to stay home? A flight is delayed and you end up out of town one day longer than anticipated? Wouldn’t it be nice just to be able to log in to your law office, rather than calling a paralegal and waiting to receive file after file by email?

Enough what ifs! Here’s what is:

Virtual Receptionist: 24/7 answering services for attorneys

Virtual Law Office Technology: 24/7 remote access to a secure virtual law office online. Branded with your logo, accessible by clients and you. No software to install, no equipment to buy, just hop online and log in, view your files, start discussions, create invoices, and get paid.

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