Spring Cleaning

March is finally here in Chicago; the snow is melting, the temperatures are rising, and the Cubs’ season is about to start!  Spring is great because it brings both a feeling of accomplishment (we’ve weathered the storm!) and of excitement for the months to come (summer is almost here!).  Together, this makes spring a really enthusiastic and productive time!  People start to do their spring cleaning, making plans for the summer, and just enjoying themselves outside. 

Spring is always an energizing time at work, too.  You aren’t quite in the planning phase of the new year anymore.  Spring is the beginning of the executing phase.  Momentum builds as projects get rolling and people are excited about the work ahead of them.  Recently, I cleaned out my slightly cluttered office, and I feel so much better about it now.  There’s something to be said for working in an organized space.  I don’t know much about feng shui, but I do know that a clean, organized law office makes me more relaxed at work.

Spring cleaning–in the literal and symbolic senses–can be a healthy exercise in prioritizing and de-stressing.  What kinds of spring cleaning are you going to do this year?  How is it going to de-clutter your life?