Some apps never get old; AroundMe a useful classic and personal favorite

I first grabbed the AroundMe app from the App Store in 2009. The app was brand new, and highlighted in one of the early iPhone commercials. I didn’t really start to use or appreciate how valuable it was until I wasn’t on my home turf. The app allows you to see everything from gas stations, restaurants, retail stores, or search for a very specific business right around where you are.

Even after the release of Siri, which I am also quite fond of I still use this app at least 4 times per week, even more often if I am traveling. I had found that it’s a great simple tool to get the info you need right away, and use it.

When you search for a business, you have the option to call, go to the website or get directions. If you’re searching for a restaurant, a menu, reservation options, and reviews are available. I also use the Yelp iPhone app, but find this is a much quicker way to find what I’m looking for close to me, very, very quickly without sifting through hundreds of reviews first.

AroundMe is social media friendly, allowing you to share a search result with your networks, and keep a list of your favorites ready for your next return visit to the app.

I highly recommend this early iPhone classic, not only will it take the headache out of an indecisive group walking through an unfamiliar city looking for an Italian restaurant or Jazz Club on a Friday night, but also help you execute business errands and tasks with lightning speed.

Already using AroundMe, or have a favorite app to share with our readers? Please share your thoughts with us!

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