Sell the Problem, Not Just the Solution

Today, I read a great post by Seth Godin on how businesses should sell their services and products. His tip also works well for attorneys who are trying to close the deal when they market to prospective clients. The insight may change the way you market your law firm.

When most law firms meet with prospects, they often market their services without explaining why consumers need those services. Legal clients come to attorneys because they want solutions to their problems, but consumers may not even know that they need an attorney until it is obvious that they have a problem or a need.

Noticing the problem that needs a solution may come easy to consumers who are facing a lawsuit or criminal charges, but what about consumers who need copyright assistance, employment contracts for their small business or other transactional work? Clients who are not facing imminent or serious threats to their financial situation or lifestyle may find it difficult to see why they need the services you offer.

That means that you should discuss both the services you offer and why that service is a key component in your client’s next business move, future purchase, estate planning or other transaction. You may be persistent, charming and intelligent with your marketing efforts, but in today’s market, potential clients are not likely to spend money on something they do not perceive to be a need.

So, what are a few ways you can point out the problem or the reason consumers need your services when you meet with potential clients for the first time? Share your thoughts in the comments section, and I will discuss this question in my next post.