Recent Updates at Total Attorneys

Have you ever had a story to tell that was so big, that you couldn’t decide on where to begin? Well over the last few weeks we have made numerous improvements to the Total Attorneys case management system. Our goal was to remove the extra content and information that was bogging down the user experience and making it difficult to navigate to critical information. We have indicated a few of the changes below, please send us your feedback at:

  • Over 50 minor improvements to the overall system
  • Easier to Export your Contacts to Microsoft Excel
  • A new Actions control panel to manage your Contacts
  • The new Product Blog where you can submit feature requests, learn advanced tips and connect directly with project teams.

Coming Soon:

  • Attorney & Firm Profiles where you can display more detailed information about your law offices on Consumer “Thank You” pages.
  • Follow Up Marketing: Educational Marketing sequences to keep your Contacts informed about Bankruptcy and your firm.